Harding University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


In chosing the right college, you need to have a balance. You need to chose a good school where you can grow acedemically, socialy, spiritually and physically. To much of one or the other is not going to be you maximum college experience.




Make sure to visit all the schools you applied to during sponsored as well as non-sponsored events. Make sure to know what campus life is really like when the school isn't being prepared for visitors. For example, the food is always better when the school has a sponsored event, also by setting up events on the front lawn that involve frisbees, taking better care of facilities (in some cases going as far to paint the grass greener), and hosting many events to fill the weekend. These can deceive you into thinking the school you are attending is going to be much more promising than it really is, only to disappoint you into realizing you were targeted as a potential student and are now being ignored because they have your money. The best way to decide on a school is talking to as many students as possible to get a well-rounded and unbiased opinion of the social atmosphere. The administration can make the school look appealing, but a good college experience will come through an overall happiness on campus.


First of all, to students - do what you want to do. If your parents threatens you to go to a certain school or they won't pay, just go to whatever school you want. Financial aid can help you out with that one. After all, you are going to college to get a job, which will get you money, which will in turn help pay off any loans you might recieve. You probably won't have the opportunity like this again, don't blow it! Now, to parents- no matter how you might protest, you can't live through your kids. You can't make them do what you want. If you want them to grow up, let them! They will make their own decissions, and mistakes, so they will learn from them and better. You will probably only get to be in college once, so don't blow it! Chose wisely!


I would say listen to what you think is right for you and go with that. If you think a college is good for you, then go for it and don't think about it. Now if you have a lot of colleges you are looking at, then just choose where you think would be best for you and what programs are there that would be best for you.


I would say that students should pick a college based on their interests and what they want to get from their college. For example, class, size, the location, the majors offered, and anything else the student may want to get out of the college. I picked Harding because it is a religious school which is important to me and because of the small class sizes. My professors know me by name and I'm not just a number in the college. I fully recommend being in school clubs and volunteering and just getting involved in social activities. I regret not being a part of it my first year but I plan to this year. I would tell parents that it may be hard to let your child go, especially if they want to leave the state. But it can be very worth if their child finds the perfect school for them. I would tell tudents not to settle and to keep trying and looking for the school that has that special something that they are looking for.


My advice for a student about finding the right college is to talk to anyone you can. Visit the campus multiple times and talk to different people. My advice to the parents is to let the student choose where they want to attend. They will not be truly happy if they are not where they want to be. Another piece of advice for the student is look into the academics of your school of choice. Research career oportunities with your choice of major. Talk to the advisor of that major and see if that is really what you want. Also, make the most of your time while at college. It really is the best time of your life.


Find the college that fits you not only academically but socially because your social life is a huge part of your college experience. You need to feel and home and fit in. Make sure you know all of the rules before hand as well.