Harding University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating things about my school is how strict some of the rules are and how arbitraty they seem. For example, while I understand the need for a dress code at a Christian university, how extreme it is (such as skirts and dresses needing to be knee length) is annoying and pointless.


Harding is the most welcoming, loving environment I could have asked for when searching for a university to study at, but like each university, there are aspects that students dont like. Though they are completely livable, Harding's strict code of conduct, dress code, and curfew is a daily hassle. Its understandable that the university is trying to enstill morals that will last us beyond our college years, but allowing us to make our own decisions could also be a discrete way of guiding us to a seccessful future.


The most frustrating thing about my school is registering for classes for the next semester.


I say that the teachers are the most frustrating thing about Harding University. It seems that you either have teachers who don't care at all about what you are learning, or you get teachers who don't understand that you have a life outside of their classroom. Some teachers even change the grading scale. For example, one of my teachers last year gave me a "B" because he considered an "A" to be a 91% and up. Other teachers practically gave me an "A" without any work. The lack of cinsistency is frustrating.


Everything costs extra money; activities and movies and such are not free.


Sometimes there are situations where friends can't put up with each other, but usually those problems can be solved. It comes with the differing viewpoints. Eventually people have to learn that they are not better than everyone. And the high cost can be a complaint sometimes, but in the end, it is worth it.


The rules are a bit out-of-date (ie. dorm rules about the opposite sex visiting).


The ability to live off campus is rather restricted. You have to meet quite few qualifications inorder to be accepted for off campus housing.


It is a fairly conservative Christian college. There are certain rules that, while I understand them, are very frustrating to follow as a 21-year-old. For instance, there is a mandatory room check every two weeks. The RA's come around and make sure that our rooms are clean. If they aren't up to par, we get written up. I pretty much hate having to do that.


It has very strict curfews. Also, it is difficult to hang out with the opposite sex in a casual environment because they are not allowed in the dorms of the opposite sex.


There are too many rules and it is expensive.


Harding is very conservative. It's mainly the administration, and the older members really.