Harding University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Harding University is the community. The professors honestly care about helping you succeed, so class sizes are small and you get to know the students around you. There are only about 5000 undergrads, so you feel comfortable and familiar with people quickly. It's wonderful.


The best thing is the variety, there are people from all over the world. Also they have many great international programs.


the people oncampus


Small classes and great professors who care about how you are doing. It is easy to make friends here. Campus is small enough to get around easily but big enough to have many choices of activities to participate in.


The best think about my school is the Christian envieronment. I love having Christian teachers that actually care about their students. Also I like that most of the students have a christian background so they are good influences on me.


Our professors deeply care about their students. Teachers are always available outside of class, and really do work toward student needs. If I have an academic or personal issue, I'm comfortable talking to my professors about it. They are willing to talk to me about academic issues, personal problems, and casual life. Our classes are small, fostering the personal relationships between students and professors. Having teachers that genuinely care makes the difference between a frustrating and rewarding educational experience.


The open-mindedness of the faculty when it comes to theology. I was afraid that the professors would be extremely narrow minded and conservative, but was pleased to learn that they were open to new ideas and concepts that came up.




I really feel like everyone at Harding is a family member. I never feel threatened or unwelcome. It is a very loving, caring environment.


I consider the best thing about Harding to be the other students. Simply because they make Searcy, Arkansas a fun place to live and study.


I love the people and enivronment they create. There are other Christians there who want to help you grow, everybody is friendly, they're the kinda of people that you want to get to know, and even the professors want to get to know you.


The teachers' and staff members' willingness to help the students. It really helps alot when you're struggling with a class assignment or even something totally unrelated to class.


The nature and academic focus. Everyone is so friendly, and while the classes can be crazy hard, the teachers are very easy to work with, and help you with anything you need.


I like that it is the social realm of the school. Without the social life or circles, then I don't know where I would be. The place is very friendly and has very good aspects to it as well.


The proffesors are vey helpful and caring


The best thing I consider about my school is the people. I have met so many people from all over the world. The opportunities that accompany meeting different people is unlimited. At Harding, we do not have sororities and fraternities. We have social clubs and it is not hard to get into one of them. It is very easy for a girl or boy to find their niche but also keep friendly relations with other people.


That it has very good academics and a well known reputation.