Harris-Stowe State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Well I feel if you are not serious about your education. Then college is not for that student. If you just want to get away from home and don't study. You have be focus on your studies. If you are not responsible you should not attend this college. You have to concentrate on succeeding in college. If you don't like to follow the rules college is not for that student, You have to be mature and responsible to take care of yourself. You have to have a goal to press forward to get what you want from school.


The kind of person who is only coming because their friends or here or looking to be on a sports team other than, soccer, basketball or baseball. You shouldn't attend if you are not use to an urban background and city life. My school is very open and not scared to show you the good and the bad. Don't come if you want visitors in your dorm or prison like rules in the dorm. Freedom is not a word we use to describe the dorm. Small classes, quite classes are not here!

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