Harrisburg Area Community College-Gettysburg Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Whoa! No college for you? I know you want to "start life" immediately but the four year investment in college will permanently change your life. Time goes by so quickly that in no time at all the four years of college will be but a memory. Because your parents can't help pay for college, I understand that you feel it is not an option financially. Go to the guidance department and educate yourself on the whole college process. You can probably get financial aid and loans are available. I know, you don't want to leave your boyfriend either. Being away from Gettysburg will help you discover who you really are and the potential you have. Believe me, you won't want your boyfriend after you learn to believe in yourself. The idea that you don't measure up to others and won't succeed simply isn't true. Just stay focused on your academics and you'll be fine. Aren't you in the first-quintile of your class without exerting any effort at all? College will transform you. You really don't want to wait twenty five years before you become independent and start believing in yourself.


I would instruct myself to have taken more time to find a field of study that truly interests me. To find a school that offers great programs within that field and enroll directly out of high school. I would enforce committment, hard work and dedication and strongly urge myself not to take any semesters off. As a returning adult student this is what happened to me. I took a semester off, got caught up in the working world for 10+ years, and now find myself returning to the classroom to earn the degree I should have had years ago.


I would of stayed away from soroity life at my old school. It only led me down a path that was not one I wanted to take and made my life harder. I made plenty of great friends with out being sucked in by the soroity. I want to go places in life and not be working two jobs while attending school just to support myself.

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