Harrisburg Area Community College-Gettysburg Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Harrisburg Area Community College offers a quality education at affordable prices and convenient locations, but the best thing is that HACC stays very connected with students. The faculty wants students to succeed and the departments work together to see that this happens. To ensure students are on track, the advising department meets with students regularly. Caring professors are readily available to students. Students are encouraged to use HACC's learning center for tutoring needs, as well as to learn time management and study skills. HACC does just as well connecting with students on a non-academic level.


The best thing about attending HACC is the lower tuition rate compared to four year institutes. It allows you to take classes online or in the classroom. HACC has made great strides partnering with area four year colleges. These relationships offer dual admission and easy transfer opportunities. Some bachelors degrees can be earned from these schools while never leaving the HACC campus.

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