Harrisburg Area Community College-Harrisburg Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Very Diversity and Friendly


My classmates are kind, friendly and easy to talk with. I enjoy talking with them whether we are talking about homework, classes or other things that are happening in our lives. I feel comfortable talking with them even I don't know all of them very well. I enjoy spending time with them because they are so nice and easy to talk to.


My classmates vary drastically and from my point of view it seems to greatly depend on life experience and/or the actual age of the person.


My classmates are very kind and helpful individuals,and are very easy to get along with.


My school has a large range of students. There are mostly young adults ranging from 18 years of age to 22 years of age and non-traditional students typically in their mid thirties to forties. In regards to the young adults, there are two kinds. There are the ones that are simply going to school because their parents are forcing them and there are the others that are extremely dedicated to learning. They view the school as an opportunity to save money as well as build up a higher gpa before transferring. The school also has every ethnicity possibe.


The gift of education is taken for granted by many, they don't see it as a gift.