Harrisburg Area Community College-Harrisburg Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This school is a perfect fit for students who want to pursue a four-year degree or students who are still undecided about what to do. Starting at this community college helps relieve some of the financial stress of student loans while also providing top tier education from some amazing professors. If you are undecided on a major or not sure what you want to do for a career, H.A.C.C. is the best place to help you with those choices. Affordable education that prepares you for the next journey in life, whatever that journey may be!


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who wants to get their feet wet with the college scene before heading off to a large school. HACC offers a great variety and a strong start to building your degree. The professors are easily assessable and smart about the subjects they teach. They want you to share your opinion and move the conversation further. They appreciate your hard work and are always there for your needs and many questions. Some students need a stepping stone after high school and a college like HACC is just the answer!


Some one who has a very busy life should attend HACC. Because you can pick your classes and set them so they coincide with the rest of your life. Whether you have young kids, single parent, fulltime worker or just want a calm environment HACC is right for you.


There is not exactly a type of person that should attend school. Schooling should be about determination and wanting to succeed. Those who do not want to succeed or are not determined to make something of themselves probably should not continue their education. Anyone can go to school, but it is really about how badly they want to succeed and how badly they want to better themselves. Now days, it is almost manditory to further our education because most jobs require a college degree.


This school is good for people who know that they want to continue their education, but might not be sure what field they are interested in. HACC has alot of different programs that people could try out to decide which type of major they would be interested in. Adults looking for further job training or to change fields would also benefit from an education at HACC.