Harrisburg Area Community College-Lancaster Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A local college, that makes going back to school accessible to anyone.


HACC is a very reasonable affordable school for students with a low budget for college or students unsure of a major and just want to start with general education classes. The staff at HACC is extremly helpful friendly and welcoming. The help you figure out a way to go to school with their flexable hours and affordable tuition. The teachers at HACC are challenging yet extremly helpful and caring. HACC has a great clinical program for RN's. I reccommend HACC to any student unsure of a major or on a tight college budget!


HACC is a small community college that provides a vast majority of education programs for any person.


My college is small but it is nice to not have to walk miles between classes.