Harrisburg Area Community College-Lancaster Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Making sure every student is treated equally.


I currently go to Harrisburg Area Community College. This college is designed for students who have many aspirations and dreams but may not have the funds to start at a four year university. Not only is this school for the many dreamers in today's society, but also students who may not know exactly what they want to major in. Because the school is cheaper than other colleges, it is a safe place for flexibility in trying different classes to then establish a better understanding of what a student would like to pursue.


My school is voted one of the best school in Lancaster City. It has a well know Nursing program that will prepare you for the health field.


My college is well known for their excellent nursing program.


My School is best known for accomodating people of all backgrounds and financial situations so that everyone has a chance to attend college. My school also accomodates people with disabilities and has been extremely helpful in my own college career while I combat an autistic spectrum disorder. HACC also is known for making better individuals out of its students. Education is emphasized, and so is character building.