Harrisburg Area Community College-Lancaster Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


very helpful and supportive with desicions you make.


The program that I am enrolled in, I feel that I have made an exceptional decision based on my prospective career matching my personality


I've been to a major university in the area, but transferred to HACC my sophomore year. The biggest difference I've found between the two schools is the student population. I enjoy my peers at HACC, they're more serious about their studies. I love the brightly lit and clean classrooms. The library while not large, has a friendly and helpful staff with a learning center full of tutors who you can go to without being embarassed. Also, the advisors are very helpful and want you to do your best. I love this school.


That the Professors are great , they are there to teach you a profession or skill and in my Major , have done just that. They help the disabled and do not discriminate. They bend over backwards to help any student , thats what I have seen inso far. They really care about their students.


You can choose virtual classes as well as on campus classes. I have taken some virtual classes and on campus classes. I haven't had a professor that isn't willing to answer your questions or willing to help you. One of HACC's best qualities is that there are a lot of students who are in their 40's, 50' s, and 60's. The younger and the older get along so well. This makes it so much more easier for those who seek a degree later in life.


The Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) is a great school. The Classes are reasonably small so this allows the proffers to be able to focus more time individually with students if they need it. The extra one on one time with the teachers is nice, in most cases the teachers generally care about how you?re doing and they want you to be learning all you can from them rather than just trying to get you through the class passing or not.