Harrisburg Area Community College-Lancaster Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


nothing really.


The only thing I can find to be a "worst" thing is that I may not have enough financial aid to pay for my degree. So far , as a sophmore , I have not heard of any instance of violence , to me that would be the absolute worst.


It is hard to get a degree in the two years that you are suppose to when working full time. There is a lot of homework and quite a few group projects that needs time spent on campus. These two are hard to fullfil when working a job. Without the flexiblity of doing fewer classes than required by allowing students to attend part time, HACC would lose a lot of their students as most are working at a job either full time or part time.


The thing I hate the most is that since its a community college a lot of people can just choose to come. They really dont have to have any intentions of doing the school work or applying themselves. In high school its not so bad because your not paying for the education your parents are. In college things change it becomes more serious and real hard work is required not just skimming along.


That is easy, parking. During events that are held at the college the main parking is blocked off for incoming participants to the event. I must say that annoys me quite a bit mainly because I pay to go to this school and I need to be in class on time. When these parking spots are blocked off we are required to go to an overflow parking which isn't very close.


Honestly I cannot think of a lot that is wrong with this school. If I had to pick one thing that I really truly didn?t like about HACC I think it would be parking. There are never enough parking spots at the school. This can be a little bit of a hassle when trying to get to class on time. Other than that the school is generally a really good one I would recommend to anyone whether you are going to college for the first time, or coming back years later I think HACC has something for everyone.


The worst thing about my school is the lake of help with finding ways of paying for school. Being a middle class white american its very hard to find scholarships to help me pay for school.