Harrisburg Area Community College-Lancaster Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Get as much help as possibe. Never give up no matter how rough the road is or gets and try to stay focused because theres alot of people and things that can or want to distract you while on the road to successs.


As I know, you are counting down the days, wishing every minute away. Hoping the days would become weeks and the weeks would become month, well STOP! These days you will never get back. Enjoy having a period that is just for lunch, and be grateful that you have a class just work on school work, I know you would rather be out doing something but take advantage of the time you have to do school work. Every paper, every test, every single little assignment counts and don't forget that. Use the extra time you have in school to boost your GPA by doing the best you can do. Quit wishing your time away, and spend it soaking in the new things you learn each day, educational or not. This will be one of your best years of your life, I promise. Take a minute and realize how wonderful your life is at this moment. Embrace every minute of your senior year, but don't forget that academics count and that even the smallest assignment or test will hurt you or help you. Lastly remember you only do it once!


I would advise myself not to wait but to go straight toward my goals and begin college right away


I would tell myself to look into community colleges more than 4 year universities and to apply to every single scholarship I could find. I would also tell myself to look further into the information regarding the Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) because it was taken away before I had a chance to use it. The TIP was to cover about two years of school. I would tell myself to look into the financial situation more thoroughly because that's whay my biggest problem is.


Dear Laura, I just want to encourage you through your exciting time in your life as a Hempfield Highschool Senior. Time is slowly dwindling down until final decisions are made about your next steping stone in education. Although that stepping stone may be a bit far to step or maybe even a bit hard to get to, i want to encourage you to just imagine where you see yourself in 10 years. How will you get there? But before you make a specific outline for the next 4 years or more, try making one decision at a time. Find a college that appeals to you and has a major that is going to help you get to where you see yourself in 10 years, and apply! Just breath slowly and take your time. There should be no rush in this process, for it is delicate but also adventurous and exciting. Don't set out to please your parents or the people around you, but pursue your dreams because they are deeply woven into your heart. Keep your chin up and know there is a great school for you, just take your time and you'll find it. love, futurelaura.


I wanted to go to a community college for two years, but went to a university instead because I listened to my teachers and guidance counselor tell me I was "too good" for that. I wish I could go back and tell myself that it's not that I'm too good for anything, it's that I was being smart about my financial situation. I was also pressured to go into one field of study that I learned I didn't like within one semester of college. I would tell myself to go and research other majors even if they don't sound like something I might enjoy. I would tell myself to join other clubs and take other classes in high school instead of focusing on just one subject. I would tell myself to be more diverse. I would also tell myself to stop listening to others and make my own decisions.


I can smell the fresh grass and feel the gritty dirt between my hand and the soft leather that my had rest in. I was a softball player in highschool. I demonstrated leadership and team building skills. Unfortunatly I was not very concerned about college or what I was going to do when the game was over and it was time to move onto my future. If I could go back to High School and tell myself what I know now. I would tell myself to listen a little better in that last 4th period class of the day instead of laughing a giggling with my friends about the cute boys standing out in the hall way. I would tell myself to better educate my parents and family on which college I wanted to attend , my major , and the cost. I never knew in high school that I wanted to be a nurse but when my grandmother came down with breast cancer I devolped a strong intrest in the medical and health field. I wish I would of better prepared my self for the financial need of becoming an RN when you have a lack of family contribution.


If I could go back to my senior year of high school and talk to myself about what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself that no matter what obstacles may come in my life at the time, it does not compare to getting a college degree. I will tell myself that the transition from high school to college is totally different but that I am a strong person and will get through it if I keep my head straight. I would tell myself that in the future, I will be raising a family with three children and they depend on me to finish college so I can have a degree and have a career and set an example for them. I may still be young and naive in high school but that college life will open my eyes to new opportunity and broaden my horizens in life. I will stress the importants of never giving up no matter how hard life and college may be.


Make finances more of a priority when choosing a school. If there is a school that can offer you education in the area of study your considering, but for less; TAKE IT! Going to a school that you want to go to, but costs more in the end will leave you with a lot of debt. Unless you have guaranteed scholarships that can take care of a more high-end tuition taking a lower tuition school is the better route because you'll never know where you will end up in life and how debt can hugely affect it. Also, be prepared to take a big step into independency when it comes to education. Most professors will not be there to hold your hand and help you pass. Start learning to teach yourself or ask the right questions and you will definitely be one step ahead.


I would have told myself not to party , to take life more seriously and to apply myself as a student to achieve greatness and knowledge, not just pass a grade to graduate.And after almost failing ninth grade from being a victim of a legally considered predator and a hospital stay to recover , I did just that , I planned my courses based on what experiences I had been through and took 3 years of Psychology, Youth and the Law I&II, Government I &II and planned on a career in the FBI or Corrections. I recieved a 1000.00 scholarship for Gordon Phillips , the highest amount allowed and was a proud Honor Graduate. My GPA is 3.33 , I volunteer at Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster County PA , being a survivor of domestic violence.If given the honor of your scholarship , I would put it to good use and use my earned degree to continue to help in the fight to end violence in our counrty and in our homes. I am disabled physically , so this would help me out very much and I would put it to good use. Please.


I would tell myself to make up my mind. As a high school senior, I was not taking my education seriously and was undecided on my career choice. After I had my son, I was able to decide that education was important to me but with the extra responsibilities, it made things more difficult. I obtained my LPN with very good grades and I am now going for my RN. If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to buckle down and put in the hours of studying and make a commitment to my education because it is very important.


As a high school senior, I would allow myself some time to explore different careers over the next couple of years. This way I can make a decision on what career I would like to persue without wasting time in college trying to figure out what courses I need to take. I believe that when you explore different careers then you will know what degree you will be seeking in college. By doing this, you wouldn't be taking courses that aren't need and will be more dedicated to your studies. I see too many students that haven't a clue to what they are majoring in and because of that, aren't willing to put their all into studying for their classes. I feel that this is a waste of time, effort and money. There is always time to go to college to get a degree in what you like doing instead of doing what you don't like, but must since you put the money, time, and effort into that degree. Step back and take time to explore before committing to studying for a degree in something you may hate doing later.


My convesation: 34 yr old Heather: Ok, 18 year old Heather, don?t faint! I?m coming back in time to talk with you about your future. I?m 34 (don?t I look good!?), married to Jeff (you don?t know him yet) with two beautiful children: Kailee (11) and Dalton (7). 18 year old Heather: I don?t know anyone named Jeff. Kailee and Dalton? I?m son confused! 34 year old Heather: You?ll love Jeff the moment you see him! But, that?s not what I?m here to talk to you about. I know you think you want to be a vet: but you won?t end up doing that. Remember when you went to the vet?s office and got grossed out? Well, that?s not your future. And you won?t end up being an accountant or a psychologist (although you?ll need one! LOL). I want you to keep your eyes and ears open. You?ll use all that you have learned! Be nice to all and learn as much as you can! Life will throw you curves but it?s meant to be. Love life. Learn to listen instead of talking!


I would tell myself that senior year is not a year to goof off it's a year to be taken seriously about your future. Now in my case my future had to be put on hold. I had 3 hip operations to help me to walk without pain combating the disease I have in it. I would tell myself that senior year is a important year but all the other years were equally important because colleges don't just look at your senior year. They also look at your whole high school transcript which includes your three previous years. Which means to me that freshman, sophmore and junior year you have to be just as focused on planing your future and determined to do your work.


The advice I would give myself would be, don't wait. School is challenging enough without all of life's distractions. It is much easier to continue schooling when everything is still fresh in your mind as well as the energy to strive for completetion. The time you spend in college now will only benefit you later by having a good job and being financially secure.


I would tell my self to at leats make sure that I have all my priorities straight and to make sure that I definitely forge connections. To always try to make yourself comfortable and its actually nice to seek help and not try everything solo.


Gretchen- I know getting away from home seems very important right now as your yearning for independence waxes with each passing hour. What you need to consider is that the university you have planned to escape to is three and a half hours away and costs more than staying at home while attending community college. Another possible predicament you could be getting yourself into concerns your social life. You know that you are not exceptional at making good friends as a result of your autistic spectrum disorder. Living utterly apart from all of your friends at home and attempting to acquire new friends in an unfamiliar environment might not be something you have prepared welll enough for to execute. The decision concerning your education rests solely upon you. Do not let the decisions of other influence your choice because you are not other people. You are you. Only you can decide what works for you and what does not. Good luck to you as you sort out and reassess your needs for the imminent future.


Going back in time I would tell myself not to sweat it. In high school I was so worried about college. You hear a lot about college about the freedom it gives you, but you also hear that you have to fend for yourself, take care of you. You hear how hard the teachers are and the work loads are. At HACC although you do get a lot (really a lot) of homework compared to High school, the teachers generally care about how you?re doing. It isn?t as ?fend for yourself? as I thought it would be. HACC has been a good friendly college experience for me. I would recommend it to anyone starting out, or even finishing up school.


To put more time into my work. Most seniors slake, as did I, I would tell myself to stop that and work harder because it really does make a difference.