Hartwick College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Hartwick College will give you an experience unlike you'd ever imagine, if you'll take advantage of what's been made available.


My school is incredible and adapts to my wants and needs in a college education.


My school is very friendly and welcoming to all who come.


its good I enojy it its not to big but not to small so everybody has a sense that they know everyone else and meet friends here that you'll be friends with for the rest of your life, its a building block to help establish and help people find what they want to do with their lives after college the encouragement from teachers to succeed and the relationships you build here are everlasting.


Its a very outgoing, accempting school where everyone gets along.


A close-knit liberal arts college.


Hartwick has a beautiful campus but is very cliquey.


It's a great place to help figure out who you are, if you want to learn.


Diverse and unique, with opportunities for anyone interested in studying abroad.


100% great faculty, 20% great students.


i love my school, they have given me a home where i can come home at night after all my classes and not have to deal with my father being drunk again. I want to succeed, and this school is the school that will help me become a strong independent woman that i long for, for so long. I want to come from this school being me, and being happy, and have a bright future ahead of me. Its scarry in the big world, but time is always moving, so I need to keep moving right along with it.


Just Small enough to get what you need but just big enough not to see people everyday


Hartwick college, is a small private college, that is full of opportunities. No matter what area of study one follows, they will be succesful! Dont forget, besides becomine highly educated, you'll meet some of the best friend ever!


Hartwick is a small, friendly, Liberal Arts College that focuses on making sure its students are well-rounded when they leave.


It is a small college with a beautful campus and dwindling greek life.