Hartwick College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates are full of energy, enjoying making new friends, they are very open to everyone.


The class of 2015 is a very independent and confident group of students that knows their goals and actively takes action to reach them


My classmates are very amicable people.


Students at Hartwick are generally committed to doing well and to being successful in the future.


Most of my classmates are really easy to get along with and truly make it an easy transition from high school to college life. My first time on campus was assisted not only by volunteers, but also by random students who would walk by, see that I was unfamiliar with the layout of the campus, and would ask if I needed any help. I couldnt imagine a campus with nicer people and they are also very intelligent. If I need help with a class all I have to do is ask.


My classmates are diverse, understanding, and fun.


The other students at Hartwick in general are very nice, intelligent individuals who are willing to help thier peers with almost anything they need.


There are many diverse students with their unquie personalities, but groups tend to 'click' together and can be difficult to get 'invited in'.


My classmates are intelligent, ambitious, and accepting.


My classmates tend to ascribe to the motto: "Work Hard, Play Hard".


Friendly and diverse students who care about their futures as well as their immediate surroundings and obligations make up the classmates I most often interacted with at Hartwick College.


They are all different.


Some are quite smart, driven and fun to be around. There are a lot whoever who seem to still think that they are in highschool, and these ones don't seem to have anything better to do than to pester myself. I would say I only like about 5% of the kids at my school.


My classmates are just like me. We are interested in course material and feel very connected to our professors.


my classmaes were, fun, hardworking, and determined.


In general i find the school to be slightly too small. I like the cohesion being a part of the football team provides me although it limits my free time considerably. I feel like there is nothing to do socially but drink and this limits the fun I can have. There needs to be other activities to do because if you dont have friends you can feel really isolated at school.


Close knit. Everyone is helpful and willing to be there if you need it. Everyone is aware of each other.


For the most part people are very friendly, and do not mind helping others if asked.


My classmates are smart, engaging, and sometimes overachievers.