Hartwick College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


fun, partying, traveling, international


Hartwick College is best known for its nursing program; it is an intensive program but in the long run worth every penny.


It's rigorous courseload.


Harwick College stands out as the small private school ontop of Oneonta. Most people know Hartwick for the education it provides, and for the beutiful campus that it has. There has also been comments about Hartwick being some kind of elite group. This elite group people speak of means that the students that go to this college stick together. A school of 1500 students has that option unlike a huge university where most kids even do not know their fellow classmates. These are the things Hartwick is best known for.


My university is known for its amazing multi-cultural diversity. BYU-Hawaii encourages academic learning and spiritual growth to its student body which is comprised international studies from over seventy countries.


the nursing program and great teachers


My school is best know for its diversity both in students and professors. We are located near Washington DC and have access to professors that are at the top of their field.


Hartwick College is known as being the best school on the western side of Oneonta, New York. Less importantly, it is known for its Division 1 men's soccer program and its nursing program.


Its best known for the size, and also the ivy league feel. Alot of students that attend here are from a more wealthy background and the financial aid coming in that is offered is a big help but it doesn't go far enough for many. So I would say the status is well known for the higher class.


Nursing Program. It's one of the best in the nation.




the views. the college on a hill.


Connecting the classroom to the world. Study Abroad. Sustainability/Pine Lake Environmental Campus.


Nursing and business