Hartwick College Top Questions

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Hartwick College is a true community. We have a small student body but it allows us to develop solid groups of friends. When I first visited I thought I would feel suffocated at such a small school, I was more interested in larger universities. On my second visit, my original tour guide passed me on campus remembered my face and anticipated major. That really stood out to me and made me think about what it would be like to attend a smaller campus.


What's unique about Hartwick? Everything is! The sights are breath taking, the area is great, the people are wonderful, and not, but not lease, the education is top notch! You will not be wating your money getting an education here. If you can think of it, you can do it at Hartwick college! Everything that you could possibly imagine is at your finger tips. The oppurtunity to go study abroad, internship, shadow, and just plan out be sucessful in every way. This college is great and I wouldn't trade it for the world.


It's a small school so you meet a lot of people, and if you don't meet them you at least see them around. It's also right next to a small town so if you need something all you have to do is go down the street.


Hartwick College is unlike other colleges. It is like a community full of families. The staff there welcome you with open arms. They make sure that your are comfortable and all your needs are met. As you already know we are a small college. I say "we" because i am now considered apart of the Hartwick Family. We get more one on one time with our professors. We have a zero tolerance for violence. Dont we all want to feel safe at home. Well at this home we all are. Also Hartwick college offer many activities for us, students.


My campus is on a huge hill. Not many campus' are like that which is not a bad thing. You really get your exersize and it help you to stay healthier. My college offers a 3 year degree program(which I am currently enrolled in) that is not as hard as people think it would be. Its really helping me get on with life as fast as I can.


Unlike most colleges, students have the opportunity to study abroad starting Freshman year. Hartwick splits its academic year into three semesters: fall, January term, and Spring. During the 4 week-long January term, students have the option to stay on campus and take a course that is not offered in the fall nor the spring, or take a course abroad. I was fortunate to have studied abroad every J-Term in places including Prague, Anguilla, Madagascar, New Zealand and India for a summer program.


Our school makes programs available that help the transition from high school to college lif


Enviornmental campus, excellent study abroad office and opportunities, internship connections, Outdoor orientation program


Hartwick offers many research opportunities.


Access to professors.


Costs more


The classes are small and the teachers are very helpful. On average we have 20 students in the room and you really get to know the professor and the peers in your class.