Hartwick College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Hartwick College?


I mostly brag about the fact that I know I am getting a good education. I know I am living in a safe environment and that my school is clean. We all hope for a clean place so wats not to brag about. My favorite thing to brag about though is the fact that i get unlimited food. Hartwick College offer an unlimited food package for all students.


Hartwick College is a school that prides itself with giving the best education to its students. It is one of the best pivate universities in the United States. To be a graduate of Hartwick College will give me a sence of pride when applying for a job because Hartwick has earned a repution of being the best in what they do. I am honored to be given this opportunity by hartwick to achieve my dream of becoming a registered nurse. I hope that through your help this journey would be made much easier. Thank you very much.


I mostly brag about our outstanding football team.


The night life at Hartwick is very fun and is often where you meet the most people. There are also a great deal of student athletes which keeps the campus going on a competitve level. The art department is the only thing that got me through all four years.


that we got the more snow because of the lake and rain effect.


I don't brag but unless i'm talking about my friends that I have made...


the view, nice profs