Hartwick College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Hartwick College know before they start?


I would encourage myself as a high school senior to explore every subject, class, club, program, etc. that Hartwick College is going to offer the moment you arrive on campus. You'll have an unforgettable, enriching experience if you will embrace it. And don't be afraid to speak with your professors about their academic journey.


Dear Bianca,Before you go to hartwick I want to give you some advice. Make sure you keep your strong work ethic because it can be really easy to forget about school. You are going to have a lot of opportunities to travel and you are going to question if you should go or not. Take the opportunities. Your friends will always be there. Don't be afraid to be really successful. A lot of your friends may tease you but never lower your standards because others don't want to rise to yours. And listen to Professor Davis. You will come into school with very close-minded views and you will think he is an idiot at first, but he is a really great professor and you are going to learn the most from him. Also make sure you thank Malissa and professor Mitchell. Both of them go out of their way to make sure you succeed. Most of all enjoy every single minute of your time in college. Before you know it you will be crying at graduation and looking back on all of your memories. Have fun at Wick! Bianca


The advice I would give my younger self is probably different from most. Maybe some would say "Don't procrastinate" or "do all of the homework and don't skip any classes." But, for me, I would tell my high school self that, no matter how cliché it sounds, things do get better, don't give up. Things are going to be harder in high school, but they don't have to be that way in college. Open up more-- people are more accepting in college because they are more mature. Don't hang out with the wrong crowd, it's good to let loose once in a while but don't make a habit out of it. Remember that naps are good, too. You'll find yourself going to sleep late during the week to finish a paper or at four in the morning on the weekend and waking up at eight in the morning because you don't want to miss anything. Sleep is healthy and you won't miss a thing. One last thing, you don't need anyone else to make you happy as long as you are doing what you love. Don't give up.


Going back and talking to myself the first piece of advice I would give myself is do as much as you can to pay for college. I would urge myself to take all opportunity to find part time jobs during school, as well as apply for as many scholarships as possible. All people say is that free money is the best money and that is the truth, I would not stop telling the past version of me to fill out scholarships. Next I would tell myself to have more fun with my friends and make the last summer more memorable by going to more school functions like the all night party and prom.


My graduating class consisted of 44 students including me. I had known most of them since middle school and my classmates became my family. I was very comfortable and friendly in this environment but I had very little work ethic or drive to learn. I was concerned with enjoying every moment of my experience, keeping the peace and volunteering but I graduate an average student with nothing to show for my time and energy. I would encourage my younger self to step out of my comfort zone and achieve more than what was required of me. I was soft spoken even on topics that I understood or really interested me. I had many opportunites to lead discussions, attend conferences and workshops and participate in projects that I never pursued because I did not see the relevance. Fast forward to college, I joined 4 organizations during my freshman year and I have participated in many extra credit projects. I'm involved in an off campus internship that has helped me pave the way to reaching my goals and it is so fulfilling. I wish that I learned to enjoy my responsibilities and take advantage of my intellectual potential in high school.


Your senior year of high school is a busy time. Between taking standarized test, worrying about your transcript, doing your college search, sending out your applications and waiting to find out about admissions at your colleges and universities, it’s understandable that you would be tempted to put all that school stuff aside and have fun with your friends. But keep your eyes on the education prize. Balance is key: Take breaks to recharge and have fun, but don’t let senioritis overtake you and make your college options slip away. Starting college, Don’t be fooled by the idea that a second paper or a midterm quiz doesn't make that much of a difference. Everything counts. Even if something is only worth five percent of your grade, take it seriously. That extra five percent might be what pushes you from a B to A. Professors understand all the challenges you’re facing, and many of them are nice enough to offer extra help during the year. This help can be in the form of extra office hours, a review of topics covered, study guides, sample exams, or other tools to help you improve your grade. Take advantage.


If I could give my high school senior self advice, I would say to enjoy your last year in high school and cherish every moment you have as a high school student. As eager as we are to leave for college, it is not what the media perceives it to be. You can go ahead & party, but party too much & not do your work, you will fail out. The reason is because in college, everything feels like a job. When you step on campus, procrasinating goes out the window. You will have too much work to put off to side to go on Twitter or YouTube. Time is everything in college. You have to learn to budget your time to avoid pulling all-nighters. One last thing, keep in touch with your close friends & family. Talk to them once or twice a week to keep them updated on your life because even though you're meeting new people in college, your close friends & family will look out for you until the end of time.


I would tell myself to make the most of your time in college and be very serious about academics because these four years will greatly impact all future career possibilites and decisions. I wish I had realized how important every course in my major was to my grad school opportunities.


The first thing I would tell myself is to take a few different classes. Some of the college courses I took in high school weren't needed so that is money I could have saved. Since college has been a great experience for me, I would tell my past self not to worry as much about the transition. From the first moment I got here everyone has been so nice and helpful, so all the nervousness that filled me during the summer was not needed. Unfortunately, i would also advise my past self to save more money than I did. The stereotype of a poor college student has come true for me. Starting to save earlier would have been a wise idea and not spending my money on things I didn't absolutely need would have made my life now a little easier. Finally, the last piece of advice i would give is to take one more class than I did in the fall semester. By taking only four classes I didn't have as much work and I feel to transition better I should challenge myself a little more.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself last year there are hundrends of things I would tell myself. The most important thing I wish I knew last year would be to save more money so I could afford to live on campus, instead of commuting to class everyday. As of right now, I cannot afford to live on campus. If I had saved more money while in high school I would be more likely to have the means to live on campus. I would also tell myself that Hartwick College is the right choice for me. While I was deciding what college to go to I was scared to make the wrong choice. I chose Hartwick because I thought it was a good choice, but I always had some doubt. I now know Hartwick was the right choice, and I would inform myself of this because it would make it eaiser for me to enjoy my last year in high school. There are many other things I would want to tell myself, but these are the most important because this information would help me to better enjoy college and my last year in high school.