Hartwick College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There are only 2 things I find frustrating about my school. The first is that we have to take a class teaching us how to deal with college life. The concept is good, but I don't think I need it personally, and there are no credits, so it sometimes feels like a waste of time. The other frustration is the stairs! It takes a lot to get to classes but I am so much healthier because of it, so it's a good thing after all.


Scheduling classes efficently but still allow for getting across campus to the different buildings


Lack of availabilty in my course becuase the school does not allow you to choose your courses until your advisor s assigns you a date to meet with them. The problem is as a freshman you have lst choice., therefore there is only limited space in the classrooms, and my course of choices are already filled up.


It costs a lot to attend.


Financial aid, not many activities on campus, picking class- not a lot of choices, not a lot of student involvment, the food is not that good, our school is now cutting our budgets therefore we have no money or no jobs now.. and much more