Hartwick College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Awesome staff and the flexibility in the programs which alllowed me to travel.


My school incorporates "J-term" into it's academic school year. J-term or January term encompasses the month of January. It allows students to take one class on campus or study abroad. Many students take "experiential learning" classes which enables them to have fun and experience learning in a new way. It is an innovative and exciting way for students to take classes.


The campus is absolutely lovely. I wake up every morning surrounded by beautiful mountains. The environment is inspiring and encourages creativity. In fact, the entire school encourages that. The mission of the school is explerimentally based and every dicipline is encouraged to try new and exciting endeavers outside of a rigid curriculum. This is exemplified most in the Honors Program and its affiliated Challenges that must be completed each year.


I love everything about my school. I love that is it small, so all of my classes are very intimate and the professors get to know you better and have more time to help with personal problems. Everyone here is so nice and willing to help you with any problems that you may have. In my nursing program I love that we start right away. I have already started clinicals in my first year, and will spend all four years becoming excellent in my profession.


I think the professors and the social environment are the best things about Hartwick. The professors are willing and able to help, and they're almost always available. Also, everyone here is very friendly and helpful. There is someone available to help with stress, school work, etc. found in every building. The community is very welcoming and we all feel like family.


The nursing program is the best thing about my school because it exposes me early on to hands on experiences and gives me more clinical hours than any other school near me.


The best thing about Hartwick College s the fact that it is a small community, the classes are small and all of the teachers are more than willing to help all of the students as much as possible. We are a very close campus and it is a comforting feeling to feel so close and comfortable with everyone.


I believe the best thing about my school is the willingness of the professors to help out the students. The professors are always availiable during thier office hours and also out of thier office hours if any students need help academically or just general help with other issues. The faculity at Hartwick College are very helpful and have always been there for me and other students when they needed any type of help or questions and helped the students to the best of thier ability.


I believe the best part of Hartwick college is the learning community. Whether you are in the Library, your dorm room, or any of the other buildings around campus you are able to study. The professors are always available to give extra assistance if you need it and are generally very understanding individuals. Outside of studies there are many events and programs to attend to relax and have fun with friends.


I like my school because it is smaller than huge universities which never really suited me. its about 1500 students in total with a state school less than 5 minutes away. I like the smaller classroom sizes and how I am not just a number, my professors know my name. The classes are interesting as well and keep you up to date with the work needed to be done.


I consider the size of Hartwick to be the best quality. The small private school educating no more then 1500 students might not be for everyone, but I cannot think of one thing that is wrong with it. A small school like this has small classes averaging around 20 students per class. This way, teachers can actually get involved with their students and know them on a personal level, which I think, increases my education and what I take away from this college. A small school like Hartwick also allows students to become very acquainted with one another.


The travel abroad opportunities.


The food and diverse body of students. the class size is perfect as well. they provide free tutors which is extremely helpful. Its a small school so you get to know a lot of different people.


The ability to travel around the world at very reasonable cost during our 4-week long January term between the fall and spring semesters. Not only can one study abroad during this time, but could opt to take a course on campus or obtain an internship--many of which are paid!


there are a wide variety of activities and experiences.


small classes, you know almost everyone


Thesis requirement and independent research.


My school's top feature is the availability of its professors. This is part of the charm of a small school, the professors don't have giant lecture halls where all the faces blur together. They get to know their students, and any student, provided they ask for it, get's the attention they need. It is important to note however, that this is also equally possible at large universities, if they offer small class sizes.


I consider the study abroad opportunities the best thing and it is a reason that a lot of people come to Hartwick. Hartwick is routinely in the top 10 schools with students who study abroad. There are so many countries you can visit in your four years and even if you are financially unable to go on a january-term program, there are Emerson and Duffy scholarships where the school will pay your way to study in the county of your choosing.


The people that are there. The school is very small and it is like our own small community; everywhere you go you know someone.


the professors


All the people that are just as crazy as I am.


It is small. Professors are able to work with students one on one to insure educational fulfillment.