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In addition to the uniquely motivated friends that I have met at Harvard, I have found that the level of support from my friends, staff, and professors have truly made my experience one to remember. Whether it was struggling with tough problem sets or even just looking for someone to have lunch with, my peers have found time to not only look out for one another, but also develop lifelong friendships.


Harvard is amazing because of the opportunities each student has the chance to take. I do think, however, that every applying student has a right to know what Harvard is really like. If you think that getting accepted was the challenge, you are sorely mistaken. There are so many opportunities at Harvard, but not one comes easily. You have to work hard to be noticed among the student body, and your success in high school is probably nothing special here. It can be exhilarating going to school with some of the brightest minds in the world, but more often than not I find myself drowning in this heaving, colorful student body of intelligence and talent. The competition is nothing you have ever encountered - it is blood red, quick, and painful, and I advise you to be very cautious about not getting too caught in it. I'm glad I chose Harvard, really, for only one reason: I'm going into business and the only way to get noticed in that career is the more prestigious the university. However, if you're looking into a different kind of career, where the name of your university doesn't make or break you, choose your second or third choice. I sometimes seriously consider transferring to my other choices, Dartmouth and Northwestern, but I can't. The competition has sucked me in too far. Good luck at Harvard.


When people think of Harvard, the first thing that comes to mind is the stellar academic reputation. Harvard, however, is much more than that. It has a great financial aid program, which means that everyone who is accepted can attend. Not only does Harvard liberally fund the academics, but it also throws money at "fun" student activities so everyone can make the best of their college experience. The school community is pretty warm ~ if you need help, it's only one step or phonecall away. Most importantly, the Harvard name provides somewhat of a safety net when you graduate.


Harvard has the most diverse student body. Students come from every background. This includes variety in home state, home country, ethnic origins, socioeconomic backgrounds, religion, hobbies and interests. Thus, learning never stops at the classrooms and lecture halls here; you are constantly learning from the poeple around you. Academically, Harvard offers courses that expand your mind to all areas of the subject. This really is the ultimate educational experience. Not only are they cross-disciplanary and comprehensive, they are also taught by the masters in the field--the best in the world. Thus, they really stir enthusiasm in the subject.


Harvard is definitely the most culturally and intellectually diverse of the Ivies and other schools of similar quality. Admittedly, that's not staying much. Still, the quality of students' thought here is incredible, and at least once a week I feel that I've had one of the best intellectual discussions of my life.


It's Harvard... .the word says it all.


What's unique about Harvard is each incoming class is purposely created to be as diverse as possible. Everyone has a different background, religion, experiences, gifts, etc. This is a place where people are not only free to be who they are and share their values, they are strongly encouraged to bring their own stories and make Harvard their own. Education does not only take place in the classroom, but occurs every minute in the hallways, on the streets, and in the dining halls. Not only do students graduate with a diploma, they identify themselves as Harvardians for life.


How old it is.


Harvard has so many resources, both in research and library material. The amount of historical information owned by the university is completely unique. Most students will never get to experience such a high level of access again.


Students take such pride in being Harvard students. They also study really hard, even on the weekends. The libraries are just great, and set up conveniently for students.


this is the best university in the US and perhaps even the world. It is difficult to get into because it is an elite institution that is designed soley for its students to come out of it with an experience that prepares then in their field like no other. This, is unique.




Students are taken seriously by faculy and one another and are generally considered smart and mature. (Consequently, that might also make Harvard feel unfriendly and unhelpful.) Generally, however, elite academic resources of all sources are at your fingertips if you're willing to put in the effort to find them.


The combination of high level research and the varsity athletic team I wanted to compete for.


This is by far the best and most prestigious, world reknowned university.


Lot of arrogant people


The opportunities.


Academic and summer opportunities


Everyone is an intelligent, interesting person. It's easy to have a conversation with a complete stranger and get to know them. Also, the commitment to academics is substantial, there are few who do not take thier schoolwork seriously.


The real blight on the Harvard student body, as the feminist group the Radcliffe Union of Students won't let the student body and administration forget, are the final clubs. Though they're technically not Harvard groups, they have an enduring command on Harvard students. Endowed by their wealthy male alumni and scattered about the campus (though technically off campus), the clubs are a shameful reminder of Harvard's elitist and male-dominated past. Only men are eligible to join, and of those, the whitest, richest, and preppiest tend to be chosen. They pay exorbitant dues and get admitted into networks of rich and powerful alums. Female students are, of course, encouraged to come visit, and on weekend nights, lines of girls in short skirts and tight tops can be seen on the streets, lining up to be let in to the clubs.




It's alright, not everything it's cracked up to be, but does offer a lot of opportunities. That you can't deny.


hmm nothing else i don't think...


Housing sucks. Harvard students deserve to have their own single room. UHS harasses the students and offer bad service. Also, we need better food. We are stressed out students.


Harvard is amazing, and I feel honored to be here. The diversity and overall-quality of people is remarkable.


Harvard is a place to be who you want to be. It can be difficult to find your place but that's okay because even though I've struggled, I think I am a better person because of it. Harvard has opened a lot of doors and I've learned and seen things that I never would have seen. I feel like before Harvard I was quite isolated but now I know so many things and have a different perspective on my world.


Harvard is entirely what you make of it. There are enough resources, opportunities, and different types of people here that you can essentially do anything you want -- you just have to have the drive to go out and get it.




Nope, I got it out of my system


Nothing here.


Despite all of the wonderful opportunities it provides, Harvard can have the tendency to make everyone feel insufficient. Next to students who are saving baby seals and starting AIDS research programs in Africa, it can be difficult to feel like you belong. If you're attending here, one key to success is shelving these insecurities early on by telling yourself you own your place in the class and finding a few good friends who will remind you of that when you're down. Hopefully, Harvard is ultimately a place that teaches you to stop comparing yourself to others and set your own standard as the goal.


Grade inflation is bogus because students are much smarter so they deserve their grades.




Harvard students get laid a lot.




Some professors don't understand we are taking more than one course (his/her course).


This website is pretty cool =P


That's about it


I <3 Harvard despite the bad things I probably just said!


The woodshop should be accessible to all.


Hopefully this suffices!




I love that Harvard does not discriminate based on financial background. Their financial aid initiative gives everyone a chance for higher education. For those whose families come as immigrants or from an uneducated background, HFAI provides hope for the future.


I'm still a little torn about whether my decision to come to Harvard had been a good one. I suppose it's a love-hate relationship - while it's challenged me in so many ways, I think it truly is a remarkable institution.


I love Harvard.


Harvard is simply Harvard..


Man, filling out this survey has made me realize how miserable my Harvard experience has been so far. Coming to Harvard, I thought everyone wanted to be the best mathematician, physicist, psychologist, economist, historian, etc.... that they can be. But then I found out that many people are just here because society has made college degrees necessary to get good jobs. Some people will spend as little time as possible on classes so that they can pursue their ambitions in some non-academic field, such as sports. You know what, I think my problem is just my freshman rooming assignment. I happened to get roomed with athletes and theater people, and no scientists. So it was tough when I would stay up late doing math problem sets and I would see my roommates bringing dozens of friends over and drinking. If I had been roomed with nerds, maybe I wouldn't be so bitter.


Harvard is where I feel at home, and although there is definitely room for improvement, I would not rather be anywhere else!




Harvard boys, IN GENERAL, tend to be horrible boyfriends.

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