Harvard University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Truly finding God.


Harvard offers the opportunity to interact with some of the most accomplished people in every field. For instance, this past semester I was in a freshman seminar with only 12 students on human rights between rhetoric and reality, taught by professor Stephen Marks, a leading scholar and policy advisor on health and human rights. Needless to say, the class was amazing, and at the end of the semester he took us to the UN, where we got to meet many top officials and heads of NGOs... Also, I have learned so much from my peers, perhaps more than from class.


I don't brag about Harvard, as it would be seen as being too proud. Mostly, I tell others that there is an amazing collection of people at this school that they will find nowhere else.


I like to brag about the friends and people I meet there! There are so many amazing professors, teaching fellows, tutors, and students from all over the world. And, of course, they all have done/do amazing things.


The career opportunities it provides, as well as the reputable professors that teach courses there. The diversity of the student body and its worldwide reputation are notable as well.


I tell everyone about the convenience of Columbus State. They have everything to meet your busy schedule. The instructors there are great, Not to mention it is a very affordable school. I also tell them if they are interested in pursuing Nursing, they have a great program.


Our classes, housing, the city.


Meet my five suite-mates: Hilary, a die-hard ice hockey player from Minnesota; Gaga, our resident step dancer from Maryland with a touch of medical research experience on the side; Anna, an American who has spent most of her life in Japan and wakes up before six to run more miles than I can count; Sofia, a Chinese-Canadian artist who speaks French fluently and can draw a flawless portrait of Johnny Depp; and Natalie, our southern belle from Memphis who constructed a giant turkey out of soup cans to benefit the homeless. You can't beat that.


I mainly brag about all of the cool friends I have, the interesting classes I am able to take, and the great faculty.


Harvard has a lot of diversity (much more than my high school, which was nearly two thirds Asian) and the professors there are all really supportive and want to help you learn. I also love the House life and House community (We get placed into one of twelve houses near the end of our Freshman year and that is the house that we will remain in for the rest of college)


Amazing professors and th opportunities it gives me


My own sucesses in the face of personal adversity.


Great academics, professors, really smart students


huge talent of the student body with many diverse skills and experiences


Just saying "HARVARD" is enough. That says it all. That and my fraternal club and it's history.


The resources.. I can meet almost anyone from the most amazing alumni network in the world, connect with the leading professors in their fields, and be around students who will be the leaders of the world. Plus, the school has tons of money, and any time I've had some sort of idea to do something, they've been there to support me. Whether that be travel to Asia to learn about urban development for Spring Break or get money to do research for my thesis, they are always willing to support me.


The extracurriculars are EXCELLENT! Because of them, I have taken three trips to China, will be going to Seoul this spring, have practiced kung fu with international gold medalists, have eaten dinner with Jet Li, and have gone to the Beijing Olympics. They are like miniature businesses and second to none in my experience.


the Lampoon


our enormous libraries and famous professors


how much money Harvard has

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