Harvard University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


study all the time, participate all the social activities, a little bit crazy


Very smart, hard-working, social


talkative, aggressive, arrogant


stratified and segregated


Nerdy, competitive, cold, focused


Preppy, smart, wealthy, cut-throat competitive.


highly competitive, overachieving students; a faculty that is disinterested in undergraduate education


We are flawless, smart. but also that we have no common sense.


That we all wear monacles, vests, and top hats, that we all own yachts, and that we all tell time by looking at our pocketwatches. More seriously, probably that we're all overachieving type A personalities who work ourselves to death. Also, that we're incredibly nerdy.


Harvard students are perceived as snobbish, arrogant,rude and a group of wealthy students, in their own world.


Harvard is for only smart, wealth, typically Caucasian and Asian students


Very rich, very preppy, intelligent, and white or Asian.


bookworm, overachiever, i-bankers, premeds


smart but nerdy or elite and snobby


snobby, rich, pretentious


disciplined, ambitious


rich, smart, nerdy, socially inept


snobby, rich, arrogant




That they are nerdy, super preppy, and super smart.


Work too hard, not social


They study hard and party hard, they are all overachievers, there is major grade inflation at Harvard,


Wealthy, pompous, antisocial, arrogant, smart, diverse, dynamic, busy, passionate


Geniuses, super intense, world leaders.


Stereotypes say that Harvard students are rich, snobby, and look down on people who don't go to Harvard.


Harvard is the most stuck-up place I have ever been. I think there are the following kinds of students: 1)pre-meds+crazy freshman+most asian girls who get away with everything because of all those asian fetish TF/CA etc. These people study so freaking hard, if you take a class with them, you have no chance to get a better grade than these people. they work and work and work everyday without a life and they occupy the prof, TF whenever possible, Office hours, sections, after classes. I have seen these people who copy homework from me and then check with a million other students and then do not tell me what I did wrong and the TF give them a perfect homework score but give me a low one just assuming I did not work hard enough because I did not talk to them enough. These people have no lives, they do exactly what their day is going to be like tomorrow before sleeping the day before. you can see them showing off a full calender that looks like a busier schedule then GW Bush. you can't even meet with them for dinner or sth, because they already have too much study to do. this group captures 50% people, I think. 2)rich people who can not care less about things, party people. 3)lazy people who try to hang on to complete the degree,they may be super smart though. 4)super smart people who are also OVER achievers. these people will apply to all good law schools, all good med schools, and get all the on - campus recruiting interview spots and HOLD ON to ALL the offers so that no one else has a chance. They try so hard at everything,e.g, when they are clearly already getting into Harvard PhD because they have a very very super good relationship with the prof he is applying to, they still fly around the country interviewing for Google, Goldman Sachs, and claim to friends that these top-notch job offers will be declined because they are just back-ups. these people are like supre rich people holding on to Every single penny they pick up from the street and they are such losers. All they have to show off to their friends is what they have Over achieved and they are disgusting.


*Pretentious *Study all the time *Rich *Very difficult *Fantastic living space (apparently in Korea "Harvard" is like a big palace) *Immensely talented and brilliant


We don't know how to have fun. We're all uberbusy. We'll all get high paying jobs. We're all really rich.


People think we're an elitist institution and that students have a sense of entitlement. They also view Harvard students as snobs and being stuck up, super wealthy, preppy.


Competitive, snobby, etc


They study all the time, are very nerdy and intellectual. Harvard students don't have the best social skills, and are poor athletes. They're also not very attractive and don't have great fashion sense.


They are obsessed with their work and themselves.


Nerdy, Sex-deprived, super smart, stuck-up


They all are smart, rich, and don't know the meaning of the word 'humble.'


Students: Pretentious, arrogant, self-serving, preppy, exclusive; intelligent, professional, I don't know, things like that.


Rich, white, WASP-y, and old money; elitist, entitled, and snobbish; collar-popping and arrogant; smarter-than-thou with 4.0s and perfect SATs (but no social graces). No wonder I’ve rarely received positive responses when telling strangers that I attend Harvard ;)


We are smart, privileged and rich; we dress better than MIT students.


Harvard is supposed to be the "gold standard" of education; essentially, this implies that if you go here, you're brilliant and set to do brilliantly in life. Harvard is known to be a rich school full of opportunities. It is also known to have grade inflation; many have the idea that the hard part of Harvard is getting into it. Harvard students are stereotyped to be geniuses or at least people engrossed in academics. They are expected to be very hard workers who "don't have a life" and who don't party, do drugs, or have sex much. People assume Harvard students are preppy and rich.

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