Harvard University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


To attend a school like Harvard, or any Ivy League for that matter, it is important that students possess their own motivation to achieve the most that they are able to. As such, students who lack their own drive may not be able to attend a university like this. Students who cannot handle the pressure of constantly being surrounded by achievement and success may find it harder to attend Harvard. College is hard, but the added factor of constant excellence can be daunting.


I don't think there is any kind of person that should not attend Harvard. Based on my experiences at the school, there are fields of study and student groups for virtually every type of student. Regardless of one's intended course of study, hobbies, or preferred types of social outings, there are plenty of students with similar interests that will make one's time at Harvard unforgettable and enjoyable.


Don't come if you feel that you always need to be the best at everything; don't come if you only care about yourself and your classes, but not about extracurriculars, friends, and/or the wider world; don't come if you are overly concerned with superficial things like the weather; don't come if you expect a homogenous environment or want people to always agree with your perspectives.


Someone who isn't motivated.


If you are not self -motivated or have trouble organizing a fair amount of work and extracurricular activities, then Harvard will be a challenge.


A person that is not self-motivated, or would have a difficult time dealing with competition and a difficult courseload should not attend this school.


A person shouldn't attend this school if they are not highly self-motivated. Although the workload is easier than you might expect, you have to be prepared to buckle down. There is a lot of liberty in terms of how you spend your time, so if you're not careful and self-motivated, you can quickly fall behind and start to do poorly.


People who are not motivated, or aren't self starters. One must have confidence in oneself and be prepared to face adversity.


If you are close-minded, intellectually disinterested, a jerk, ill-diposed to traffic and studying, or particularly averse to cold weather, you will not enjoy this school.


independent and driven


Someone who wants to have fun


Someone looking for personal attention or a place that is upbeat and trendy should look somewhere else. Students are often socially inept or pretentious and don't have a great sense of humor.


I wish that more people who only cared about academics wouldn't attend this school, but they do fine so I can't really say that they shouldn't. People who are too stressed out all the time shouldn't come here though, mostly because everyone else is so stressed out constantly. On the other hand, if you can just chill, then this school is great.


Someone who isn't passionate about academics and their other endevors.


People who can't teach themselves material they're interested in should not attend Harvard.


Those who are not assertive.


Be ready to work hard and know what you want. If you can't or don't, you're screwed.


Somebody who doesn't want to do any work or wants to go to a place with a warm, inviting and socially active population.


You should go to Harvard if you want your brain to be engaged and grow every day, not just while in class, but also when talking with friends and participating in extracurriculars. You should love to learn and want to eventually take on leadership roles.


someone who is not driven to work hard


people who can't work under stress and pressure, and who is not intellectually too bright.




An individual who expects everything to be handed to him/her should reconsider coming to Harvard. You have to be self-motivated and actively seek out resources if you want to succeed. Being curious and opinionated is also highly regarded at this university.

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