Harvard University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That I am unable to access certain facilities on campus as an Extension School student, especially during the summer


I wish I had known how hard and different sciences are taught here from everywhere else. There is some rote memorization, but much of it is application, which I was unused to, coming from a poor public school in Arizona.


I wish I had known that in order to be successful in your classes, you must work in teams. The workload is very heavy and the expectations are very high mainly because of the caliber of most of the students here. This requires working together on problem sets and readings. This also requires making sure you stay on top of the material as it comes to avoid having to cram near exams. The common misconception that Harvard professors are uncaring about undergraduates is false. The opposite is true, and you should seek help from your professors as often as possible.


I wish I had known that everyone does not, in fact, talk about politics all the time and that people do, in fact share many, many interests with me ? it would have saved me no small amount of anxiety. I also wish I had known more clearly how to prepare myself for the new, improved methods of work and study I would have to develop.


Though Harvard offers an incredible variety of classes and boasts exceptional faculty in many academic fields, it may not be as easy as it seems to dip your toes into a subject with which you have not had much experience. Often first-level or even introductory classes include over-qualified students who have taken a similar class previously, thus making the class more competitive and perhaps making you feel as though you need to "catch-up" in order to succeed in the class. Taking a course pass/fail is a good way to relieve this stress.


Exactly how difficult the classes were and how much work and dedication is involved to achieve a high grade.


The weather in New England is so much colder than I expected...


I wish I had known that is it okay to give yourself a break here. Everyone seems to pretend that they are studying ALL the time, but they are not, and it is easy to get sucked into this "worker harder than everyone else" mentality. Relax.


I wish I knew more about the social scene and how Harvard men think they're superior.


I wish I had known more about the Core program and time management.


Before coming to this school, I wish I'd really know that I'd need to work a lot harder than I have.


I wish I had known how hard I would be expected to work in the classes I chose, and that it isn't always necessary to challenge yourself for the sake of challenging yourself.


How difficult classes were going to be.


I wish I had known how important ethnic/racial social groups are. I also wish I had known how important doing research is.


That the Final Clubs dominate the social scene and if you don't play a sport or attend a rich prep school then you will not have a lot of venues for having a quality nightlife on the weekends.


That there are more resources out there than you know and that you should take advantage of everything!


I wish I had known how important it is to make many friends early on in your college career, because it gets harder to do the further along you are.


That the economy was going to be hurting when I was looking for a job afterwards.


I wish I had known how large the amount of workload is.


I wish I knew how hard it was to have a social life here because that is very important to me. I am academically focused but at the same time it is good to have friends.


How many socially awkward kids there were




Organic chemistry is hard! Other than that, nothing. The school fit my needs perfectly, and exceeded all expectations.

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