Harvey Mudd College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students at Harvey Mudd College are creative and motivated, while all having a common interesting in some form of science and the humanities.


My classsmates are quirky, intelligent, amd hardworking.


half-and-half nerdy/awesome and annoying dumbass


Engaging, intelligent, and serious about their work and play.


The student body can be a bit quirky, but overall it's pretty good. One of the dorms fits the traditional nerd stereotype, but then there is another dorm that is known for drinking a lot and throwing great parties. There are religious groups, but overall, the college is primarily does not care about politics and religion (there are plenty of exceptions, that's just what it feels like).


I feel that Mudd's student body is diverse, both racially and in personallity. I feel that there are always a group of students at the college that any other student can relate to. Dorm pride is somewhat of an issue at mudd, where students will usually only hangout with fellow dorm students.


The harvey mudd student body is definitely diverse. Each dorm has a stereotype, which generally fit the people that choose to live in it. Linde (my dorm) are the "slacker" "stoner" kids who are lazy and dirty, live at the end of campus. West dorm is messy, all the kdis their love burning things and causing trouble, the administration really dislikes them. Sontag is the apartment dorm, which is quiet, and seniors go to "retire". Atwood doesn't really have a personality, besides being the largest, and only 3 story dorm on campus. North (norf) is where the "jocks" of the school live. They play beer pong and play sports more than other dorms. East is where the strange unicycling, video game playing, smelly kids live. And south is for the really quiet kids who want singles. And lastly Case, kinda weird, nothing much to say about it, but it's pink. All types of students interact, a lot of classes are group project based. No matter what dorm you live in you learn to interact with different types of peopl. Most Mudd students are from california, but kids are from everywhere. Some students are politically active, some are not. Depends on the person. Students definitely talk about the amount of money they will someday make, everyone hopes going to this school will get them a good job.


I always tell people tha while the students at Mudd might be eccentric, they are the nicest people you will ever meet. Everyoen is respectful and very nice. For example, some girls in my dorm make deserts for everyoen when there is a birthday in our dorm. At Mudd it is difficult to stay up to date with current events. It is often said that we live in the "Mudd-bubble" isolated from the outside work becuase we are so focused on our work


The students admitted to Harvey Mudd are very well rounded. They have many extracurricular, and social accomplishments. Many scored higher on the verbal and writing sections of the SAT/ACT than the math. Everyone has several other hobbies (http://www.hmc.edu/studentlife1/activities1/studentorgs.html). It is part of the Claremont Colleges Consortium so you can stick to the small 800-student school or branch out to any of the other four campuses and take courses and socialize on a large scale. Many people choose to go to Pomona College, for instance, over Harvard or Princeton. So there are some very politically and philosophically savvy people to get to know.


Harvey Mudd is a very accepting school. Diversity is encouraged.


Most students are very unaware of what's going on in the world - barely anyone reads the newspaper. Of the politically aware students, the large majority are liberals. Most students are very casual when they go to class, in fact, pajamas are even accepted. I like to dress nicely and wear dresses, and this is very uncommon at Mudd. Engineers are very aware that we'll be able to make a lot of money right after graduation - salaries 50-70,000 are pretty common, and almost expected. Other majors expect to have to go to grad school before they are able to make the same kind of money.


We try to be welcoming towards racial minorities, but based on recent discussions, I guess we don't succeed too well. LGBT students don't feel out of place though.


Harvey Mudd has a very accepting community; it feels weird to even say that because I've sorta forgotten that there was any difference between us all in the first place! A lot of Mudders are very rich.


Harvey Mudd has a strong and supportive community. That said, our community isn't very diverse, and has the normal quotient of frictions between members. Still, I think that it's an overall very supportive community and that if you're willing to put in a little effort to do so, you can find a group of friends to hang out with no matter who you are.


Because of the small size of Mudd, everyone is very close. There is some division, mostly based on dorm allegiance, but people by and large get along. Mudders are very open to people of different races, religions, sexual orientations and the like, and everyone is integrated together. I suppose that for better or for worse, we just ignore our differences. Mudders by and large are combinations of two personality types. The first is outgoing, passionate about learning but not eager to spend all day doing work (despite doing so sometimes). This personality type enjoys the occasional party / drink / fire. The second type is more reclusive and loves work, pedantic conversations, video games and the like. Everyone is somewhere on the spectrum between the two. The average student is very apathetic about most everything outside of their day-to-day life. The school uniform is t-shirts and jeans. The majority of students own a long board that they use to get around. A sizable number unicycle. Most students would identify liberal, but many aren't registered to work. Most students would rather be in a job that makes them happy rather than one that pays well, but many wouldn't mind a reasonable salary.


Harvey Mudd is very excepting of all. We don't have time for prejudices, and since we are all nerds we have a common ground. There is also the fact that we are all living through Harvey Mudd, which in itself is another thing to connect to. There are communities on campus for all types of people. LGBT people have a very strong organization supporting them and I have heard, feel very welcomed by the community. California is over represented in the student body, but not by all that much. Recently more students from the East (both north and south) have started coming here. Also Mudd is not racial diverse, so don't expect that.


Most everyone here is very smart, if not brilliant. You'll find a good number of people who, well, just are odd by social standards. There are, however, quite a bit of "normal" people here as well. I feel like there is a reasonable amount of diversity on campus. I think, however, that it is a conflict of interests to try to increase diversity at an institution like HMC, unless it happens by chance through superior applicants. Students very accepting of other people's sexuality, race, socio-economic status, etc. In fact, I'd venture to say that most students at HMC are in a completely different league with regards to these topics. Most of us don't see people based upon these things so classification almost seems like a backwards step. While recognizing a type of people because of a challenging past may seem socially productive, what about the people who are not recognized? Why isn't there a white-man's history month? What about a ginger history month? Seize the day when society sees people on an individual bases.


The student body is sort of