Harvey Mudd College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The big stereotypes about students who go to Harvey Mudd are A) they are geniuses, B) they are socially awkward, C) they will all graduate and make tons of money, and D) for a bunch of "nerds", they through incredible parties.


Mudd students work hard and party hard.


Extremely nerdy and socially awkward.


Nerdy, really smart. I don't really know anymore. Now that I am part of the community, i don't really know the stereotypes.


Harvey Mudd students are thought to be really nerdy and socially awkward. People also have stereotyped "Mudder" as beings scrawny and unathletic. On a higher note, students at Mudd are also thought to be really smart. Essentially we are the weird, crazy, ridiculously smart mad scientists of the Claremont colleges.


Have you ever seen "Real Genius" with Val Kilmer? Yeah.


Harvey Mudd College is considered a dork school and its students are considered dorky.


Study too much. Nerdy.


Mudders are socially inept. They talk way too much about Star Wars and video games.


Harvey Mudd students are thought of as extremely smart and somewhat rowdy by the four other local colleges. There's a bit of a nerd/geek stereotype, but it's not too significant since we're generally relatively socially apt people.


Those who know Harvey Mudd say that the school is top-notch, the work is intense and the students are fun and interesting, but a little quirky. The school also has a bit of a male-dominated, antisocial reputation. Many people haven't heard of Harvey Mudd at all, and they generally consider it sub-par because of its funny name.


Nerds, shut-ins, anti-social


When people think of a Harvey Mudd Student the first word that comes to mind is nerd. Another stereotype is that we are all social inept and have no life to speak of.


Well, most think we are all nerds, and that all we do is study


We're geeks. (And supposedly we're proud of it!)


Nerd, Geeks, complete losers. People think everyone here is socially awkward and does not know how to communicate to the outside world. Pale skin.


There's definitely one that we are a bunch of nerds. I think that's the main one.