Harvey Mudd College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The workload is difficult, and sometimes it can be difficult to manage your time well enough to handle it completely. Most students end up picking and choosing the important work to do each day, and pushing the rest off.


The most frustrating thing about Harvey Mudd is that if you are not a computer scientist or engineer there are not as many resources available to you.


Most people here are better at doing the things I love to do than I am. That doesn't make classes that involve curves easy.


It is possible to feel like you understand the material, relax in your studies a bit, and then be completely surprised during a test. The way to succeed is to always stay focused and absorb absolutely everything the professor tells you.


The amount of work you will do. Your work load will be heavy and you will get very frustrated and stressed, but you'll learn a lot, and hopefully it will all be worth it. But don't worry you'll have fun while you do it too.


There is so much work, and sometimes I don't have much time to socialize or have fun as I am either in class, study sessions, doing homework or sleeping.


the lack of gender diversity