Harvey Mudd College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Nothing. I knew it all.


The actual amount of work. It is VERY intense. I don't think it would have stopped me, but it would have been good to know. There can be no overstating just how much work the school requires. It's good work though, you learn a TON and most of us feel that we are extremely well prepared compared to our peers in other schools.


I wish I had had some idea of just how hard it would be. It wouldn't have turned me away, but it would have made things easier.


I wish I had known the constraints regarding humanities. Also, I wish I had known how difficult the courses are!


I wish I knew more about how temperate the California climate usually is, but that Claremont can be very hot in the late summer and early fall. I wish I knew how important it would be to have a bike, skateboard or longboard to ride around on campus and how quickly I would adjust to living in a co-ed dorm suite, and be grateful for it, too.