Haskell Indian Nations University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Attention past version of me, this is Kris Sturm, future you. Now before you start having a panic attack or asking how I got a Tardis, no the future is not in danger. That said, I am sending this to help you with your personal future. Number one, focus on your school now, and sign up for more scholarships. Did you know, that in a few months you're gonna get your grade in English 4 down to an F? Yeah, I'm surprised too. Fortunately you pulled it off but don't do that if you can change it. Secondly, your first year in college isn't that bad, it is in fact a bit like high school. It's when you get to second year onward that the difficulty spikes. And one last thing, you'll have to get a job. Yes, I know, that wasn't the plan, but you can't rely on just those. It'll actually make you money and when you're working you're not spending money. See? You learned a bit as you got older, good luck buddy.


Never give up and sometimes you do need to take some time to figure out who you are. I would suggest Education off the bat because I finished my Associates in Business and hated it. I would tell myself to go where my heart tells me to go, not everyone else.


Nicole, As you get closer to graduating high school and going on to college. Remember that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. No matter what anyone says about your dreams and plans, you can still prove them wrong. Be more than just a statistic and achieve the highest level of education. You might not know what you want to major in but you can change it as much as you want. You might not be taken seriously but you don't have to have life figured out right away. This life is like a book with so many chapters you are allowed to close one and write a new chapter when you feel like it. O yes, and when you make friends at your new school most of them will be friends for life and the experience from school will make you a better person. Your family will still be there and well they stay the same even when you come back. But always remember it's hard at first but those after you will find it easier to accomplish their educational goals because you were there. Pray hard and Give God the Glory


Hey, Josh. I'm you two years from now. Congratulations on you making it through all those years of stress-inducing jerks and putting up with being "babysitted" by the teachers. You've even managed to stay out of trouble and keep well in your academic standing. I'm proud of you. Now that you're closer to becoming a young adult this is where the fun begins. I'm talking about college. First things first though: The Transportation. Don't worry about it. Mom and Joe and Becky have got you covered on that. All you need to do is fill out the paper work. It's Tedious, but easy; get it filled out, then sent through the mail. The college is Haskell Indian Nations Univeristy, situated in Lawrence, Kansas. It's like Fayetteville, but with sidewalks. Take a breather right now kid. You're current academic and independence skills will suffice for your freshman year, but what is required of you is your social skills. You'll have all the time in the world for the internet and gaming. But you need to make friends. Trust me, you will gain happiness in college. I promise. NOW GET MOVING!!!


I would start off by telling myself to always keep up with my classes, always go the extra mile. And to get all of my homework turned in on time. Never put things off til the last minute. Another thing that I would tell myself, is to be more confident in what I do. Never sell yourself short once you go off to college. Always participate in different activities and get along with everybody. Be a social butterfly. Have fun and not to be so stressed out over little things that aren't important. Also, when it come to playing softball at the college level, don't let anyone bring you down, always play with heart, and do the best you can. Push yourself as hard as you can and never give up.


There are many things I wish I knew in high school, that I know now. Over the last two years I have grown drastically as a person. One of the first things I would tell my high school self is to not fret about all of the little things, such as how I look, what people think about me, who I am going to hang out with this weekend and what we are going to do, etcetera. None of those things matter. After you step out of the high school doors for the last time, the past 12-13 years are all just a blur and a memory. It was a great part of my life and helped me become the person I am now, but that is all that it was a part of my life. I would remind myself that there is so much more in the world, and I will go to do and achieve much greater things in life. High school is a great time and is a much needed stepping stone, but it is only a stepping stone. Enjoy the moment to learn, grow and live.


If i could go back in time and tell myslef things about the whole college life i would say most important thing is to mentally prepare for what is coming. I would say to stay focused on the prize that awaits you at the end of all this. Even though it will get hard you just got to trust in people you know and to look towards your friends for help if need be. If you get up every morning and go to class no matter how u feel about the day, in the long run it is going to pay off. Make sure to do all your homework because if you do all the work plus go to class and do not miss a day you will get something special at the end of it. But at the end of it all i would just tell myself to have fun while you are there.


I think the most important thing about being apart of Haskell indian nation university and the culture experience is getting a high education in order to start a living later on in life. I think school is important for the typical student in life because he or she will be the face of American. When the older people retire from jobs there will be a lot of openings and the jobs are looking for people that are reliable and are accountable to the job. When your reliable and accountable you can get any job you want because the people are looking for people they can trust with their company. This is what i been learning while here at school and i'm going to continue to become a better person in life.


Being in college has made me more of man or a grown up in many ways. Now that I am out in the world all on my own I have to make decisions that if i was still at home i would never have had to make. I can go out and do whatever I want when I want but I do not have my parents to look after me and I can not go to them when I need money or just someone to talk to. Also if I do anything stupid I will go straight to jail. So I have grown up alot being in college and I still have some parts of my life to work on but I'm sure being away from home and at college will really help me.


Attending college has taught me a lot. Not only am I more academicly prepared for my furture in teaching, but also socially. I have learned that hard work and perseverance really do pay off. College has taught me how to manage my money, time, and energy. College over all has been very valuable because it is the stepping stone to my future. With my career choice in becoming a teacher a college degree is a must have. Through my experience in college, valuing my education and taking advantage of oppourtunites around me is most important.


I have experienced a whole new understand of life throughout my college experience. I never realized how rewarding it is to continue your education and broaden your horizon. I used to see school as a burden and too stressful for me to worry about, until I decided to make the change and try it for myself. College has given me a much more open mind to learning new things and to challenge myself in ways I never thought possible. College has also given me another reason to be proud of myself and proud of the achievements I am able to make. To find a new grasp of self-confidence, and self worth is so hard to find these days, but college has done this for me. Even though throughout my college experience I have complained, pulled all nighters, procrastinated, and even yelled at my dog because I do not understand an assignment, it is all worth it! I still have a ways until the end of my journey, but am excited to see what other changes college has in store for my future and me.


I have learned that not everyone comes from the same place. I also learned that you need to be mindful and respectful to different cultures. I grew up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and was limited to many opportunities; jobs, extra curricular activites, meeting new friends from different cultures, city life, etc. Allowing me to experience city life opened my eyes up to different opportunites such as job placement and networking with other educational figures. I highly recommend college for every high school student.


I've gotten a real sense of who I am as Native American woman. I am inspired by just how many Native American women have their degrees and are making a difference in today's society. I know how important it is for me to be an example for the young children in my Lakota tribe. I will take back what I've learned here and show them that there is a better way and that there is a univeristy for Native Americans to strive and become better people. I am learning that more Native Americans need degrees so we can be counted in today's workplaces, schools, hospitals, etc. We have a voice that needs to be heard and traditions that have been passed down through many generations that can help in today's world. This is way I am so happy that I chose to attend Haskell. The values of respect, love, honor, and honesty have been taught in Native American families for a long time. We try and live our lives according to these values, and Haskell shows us how to live by them as young adults. It has prepared me for my future as an educator.


In my few years at Haskell Indian Nations University I have acheived many things and am still learning today. Initially i thought that college would make me an expert in some field and my learning process would be finished. However I am now at the conclusion that the more I learn the more i realize what I don't know. We live in an information age and it can become confusing at times but I feel Haskell has given me a sense of clarity to information. Meaning, I am able to systematical analyze the many messages I see in my community and properly react and adjust accordingly. The greatest gift I have been given at college would have to be from one of my professors who gave me the academic tools to think critically. If one thinks critically he/she can do most anything in the professional circuit. I am thankful for my professors and my tribe for helping me succeed in college and I plan on attending grad-school after I receive my bachelors in the upcoming year.


I helped establish the first sorority on my campus. I am a cheerleader for my university and I love it. I am also a part of AIBL (American Indian Business Leader). My campus has offered me a chance to get closer with my cultural background. It has made me meet a lot of friends that have come from the same background as me. I love my campus but I know it has it flaws. I want to be there to solve the problems and make it a better place.


Getting to know people is hard, but just put yourself out there. Living in the dorms can be a difficult adjustment, so just get to know your dormmate and work out some rules. Go to class!! That's an important one, I learned the hard way. Eat in the cafeteria, also, because it is much cheaper than eating out. Just try to find that balance between work, school, and a social life. It's hard, but you can do it!


If I were allowed to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior; I would tell myself that I really need to make the decision on were I go to college. It's not our parents choice to make that decision, you'll regret it later. Another is I would tell myself would be that stay true to yourself and make mistakes that's how we grow into we are. Don't hold back on doing something just because you may get in trouble, that's a problem we've always had. Other than that I'm still learning I may have more to tell myself once I'm total finished with college but those are the only two that have really shaped my college experience thus far.


If I could go back in time and speak to myself, I would stress the importance of a college education. In high school that was not something that I valued very highly, so now that I know, I would stress that to my hypothetical self. Another thing that I would say to myself would be to be confident that you could do it. Like I said before, I was diagnosed with a learning disability when I was young, so thoughts of going to college never crossed my mind. Now that I know I can do it, I would definitely share that information. I am extremely proud of the accomplishments that I have made so far in college, and I think that it would be important to share how fulfilling it really is.


The advice that I would give myself is to not let anythting destroy my passion for learning. I had a very rough senior year. My two nephews came to live with us the summer before. It was one stressful year. I was so close to just staying home and getting a job and help take care of my nephews. But I decided that my future was too bright to let myself do that to myself. I just need the help in acheiving that goal.


Sarah please choose your friends carefull you never know who is going to be true and honest. Yes, beer is delicious but please wait to experience all of the flavors until your junior year. Please talk to professors if you are struggling with the course or life in general they will work with you more than you think. There really isn't a stupid question who cares what other kids think this is your life not theirs. Yes daydreaming of the boy that sits next to you in Algebra is great but it will get you a C so stay focused on that A. Drinking too much although fun will either lead to throwing up, missing class or the dreadful feeling of regret so do it in moderation. I wish I would have has this knowledge my freshman year, but I do love the person I am so maybe all my mistakes have made me the creative and inspired person that I am.