Haskell Indian Nations University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had remembered to bring a coat. As silly as that sounds when I arrived I didn't expect to be bombarded by freezing cold. A Hoodie just won't do.


Upon entering Haskell, I wish that I knew how to start conversations with people. Prior to my first semester as a sophomore, I was very uncomfortable being with other people because of my shyness. Eventually when I opened up I found out how much potential I had when it comes to socializing. You can find people you can trust around Haskell and they can guide you towards making safe and fun decisions and steer you away from the bad ones. I wish I knew about my potential so that I could have had more fun earlier.


Some things that I wished I had known before I came to Haskell Indian Nations University, is to always be prepared for anything.


Before I came to this school I wish I would have known that even though the fees for Haskell College are very low, the cost of being in College is still very expensive. Unlike other collges that cost thousands of dollars a sememster Haskell provides an education for a very low set of fees. However, the testing to enter the program in which I will be applying for costs quite a bit, and also my Junior and Senior year I will be paying for my own books


I wish I knew that there were so many different Native American tribes represented here before I heard about Haskell. I would have attended right out of high school. Also, the location of the school and how the weather is so humind during the fall semester.


how terrible it really is to be here


Before I came to Haskell Indian Nations University, I wish that I would have known how rewarding college really is. Not only that, but before I enrolled in school, I was under the impression that college was too challenging for me, but now that I have three semesters under my belt I know that is not true. When I was young, I was diagnosed with a learning disability which has made school extremely difficult for me. I take pride in the fact that I have gotten this far, and plan to continue with my goal of a bachelors degree.