Hawaii Pacific University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Nursing, Marine Biology, International Studies, and Business


Hawaii Pacific University is best known for its diverse student population. There are one-third local, mainland, and international students that attend here. This makes the learning enviornment very interesting and really pulls the students towards the "Global Citizen" goal that HPU strives for. There are roughly 105 different countries represented on campus, so there are a lot of cultures to learn about and a lot of different people to get to know.


We are known for our nursing programs and classes because our professors take their jobs seriously to educate us with the knowledge they know. Also, the nursing progam is one of the best in Hawaii because there's a lot of things we can practice on and we get a lot of hands on training.


Hawaii Pacific is best known for its Nursing and Marine Biology programs. Small class sizes and adept professors give HPU an astounding reputation as a place for great knowledge and learning. Location makes HPU a perfect college for Marine sciences, as well as botany, ecology, and biology.


Hawaii Pacific University is best known for its attraction of international students and program designed around a libral arts foundation focused on community relations.


My school is best known for business. We have a lot of great programs to promote business majors. International business is our most promoted career for business majors here at HPU. Many students here take advantage of the opportunities we provide such as studying abroad in addition to advanced language classes in which students can minor in just by studying abroad to the country they studied. With this program, the primary objective is for students to learn to understand the interrelated forces affecting the growth of international business activity and the basic forms of international business activity.


Hawaii Pacific University is best know for being an expensive, private university.


My school is best known for its diversity. Hawaii Pacific University is the number one ranked "international" school in the U.S. and I see this on a daily basis on campus. In every class I have attended at HPU, there has been at least a few students who are from outside of the U.S. In many courses, especially the seminars, this dynamic gives all of the domestic students a chance to see issues through a different cultural perspective.


There are alot of people that come here from other countries and states so its very divers and the small classes and office hours that are available are good