Hawaii Pacific University Top Questions

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My school is one of the most diverse schools in the United States. Not only do I meet students from all over the world, I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Hawaiin Islands are filled with adventures as well as geological wonders. HPU offers a split campus; where those who love the country can live on the Loa side, and those that prefer the city can live in Honolulu. The downtown campus is a walking mall lined with restaurants of every ethnicity; alongside shops and one of the oldest churches in Hawaii.


Compared to other schools, I think HPU has a unique environment. Our Honolulu campus is not your average college campus. It's more of a business area--which may take some getting used to--but also allows you to feel like you're already living in the "real world." You could easily find work or an internship that's close to school, which makes it convenient to go from one place to the other. HPU also strives to make us the best people we can be. We learn about global citizenship and are encouraged to get involved.


This place needs a new library and new library system/data base.


There are students from over 100 of countries in the world. You can learn about other persons life by going to school here. It gives you new way of looking at life and teaaches you the skills you need to get a job. What I like the most about the school is that there are lots of activities provided by the school, which gives someone a chance to meet new people. Also the residence halls provide a relaxing atmosphere that gives anyone a chance to easily meet new people.


Compared to other schools I considered, Hawaii Pacific University has very small class sizes as well as a very culterally diverse student body. The professors genuinely care about the students and tghe Nursing program there is well known.


Hawaii Pacific University is unique because it has two campuses(Honolulu &Kaneohe). Compared to other colleges i have considered HPU is well known for their nursing program, and I have heard that they are very helpful as well. The Kaneohe campus is unique because unlike other colleges it consists of just one building and in this small building there are laboratories, a computer lab, library, and even a theatre.


Overwhelming diversity. There are more international students than there are American Citizens, which provides a wonderful atmosphere for open minds and acceptance. Above that, the weather in Hawaii allows students a 365 day activity year. Outings, beach activities and nightlife possibilities are endless...not to mention the plentiful sunshine helps to make everyone active and happy. No wonder Honolulu was rated the #3 healthiest city in the country.


The help that I get from the staff is great. The other places I looked into it seemed the student's there are just a number in their grade books, but when you?re at HPU your more than just a number.


It is very focused on the career path I have chosen. It is also much smaller and more hands on that other schools that offered a good program for my major, marine biology. Also, it is in one of the best places in the United States to study animals of the ocean.