Hawaii Pacific University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Like any student who expects to go to college, they should be highly motivated and driven about attaining their education or their major. The person should be open to new cultures, since the school setting is extremely diverse within its students and its faculty; you can literally meet anyone from around the globe. On top of that, it's located in the lovely island of O'ahu, which is already a melting pot of ethnicities.


Hawaii Pacific University is small, caring, and culturally diverse institution. To attend this school one must bring an open mind and a desire to grow intellectually as a person. Those who learn best with small classroom environments will flourish here because Hawaii Pacific University is a private school which limits the classroom size to 20-30 students. Also, if needed, the professors are readily available to help students individually as opposed to a lecture hall-styled course where the learning environment is not as personalized.

Gnei Dimple

The kind of person that should attend HPU is someone who is smart and hardworking, but also has the financial support to survive the cost of tuition.


If you like a campus more intermingled with the public rather than a more traditional one, you would like the campus at HPU. Also, if you like a more personalized and smaller class style, along with a very international and racialy diverse student base, then HPU is definately suited for you. Personally, I like how the campus because everything is close and it's easy to get to places in town. I would say those are the things that make HPU stand out the most in comparison to other schools.


A person with a desire to push themselves as far as they can. A person attending Hawaii Pacific University must have the drive to succeed and the will to learn, and be motivated to push themselves, not wait for someone else to do it for them. With numerous distractions (local culture, fine cuisine, and of course fabulous beaches), a student of HPU has to, above all, aspire to be all they can be. An HPU student also must desire small class sizes with one-on-one experience with professors, and a drive to ask many questions.


Any kind of person should attend this school. It has every type of person imaginable. There are outgoing, party hard people, all the way to people who never leave there room except for class.


The person who should attend this school is someone who is ready to learn and who seeks that small class environments that other univerities does not have.


A person who still needs to maintain an income and family.


The person should be willing to be culturally diverse and enthusiastic to respect the differences in ethnic and racial backgrounds of each individual. He should be willing to learn each other's differences and uniqueness. He should attend this school if you love diversity and nature. He should be willing to turn school experiences into an extraordinary memories in your life that will inspire you to be a better individual and a responsible global citizen that will be pass on to your next generation. This passing on will then lead to a better individual upringing, better community and better society.


Those that want a career in nursing, oceanography, and business.


Fortunately this school brings in all walks of life. I have encountered europeans, asians, africans, and south americans of all attitudes and demeanor. This school does encourage people of great self motivation and reliance to attend as it requires students to perform lots of class work outside of class with other students. Also shearly by location almost guareenteed to be a great distance from the familiar it caters to those who are willing to explore or take a leap of faith.


Anyone who wants a good college experience should attend Hawaii Pacific University. The school is for people who like having small classes and great teachers. The school is very hands on with alot of the labs right from the start. The campus is also far away from the city, so it's for those who don't like the distractions of the fast life and like to take it slow and relax. However, this school isn't for those who take things lightly, students should be prepared for a challenge.




A person who is accidemically focused and likes small classes.


Someone who is looking for a great personal life experience while attending school.


Someone that wants to experience other cultures because so many people come from many parts of the world to attend Hawaii Pacific University.


Anyone looking for a small school


Someone interested in other cultures, since HPU welcomes people from all over the world to learn at either campus. For Marine Biology majors, this is a great opportunity to study in a warm climante, with awesome professors, and the school's own boat to do lab work from.


The the type of person who should attend this school is someone who is focused and willing to learn something new.


If you are looking for diversity and meeting new people, then Hawaii Pacific University is the school for you. People who prefer smaller classes and are determined to actually have a career after HPU should come here.


Someone who intends on living in hawaii and not going to college.


someone who wants to learn and have fun at the same time.


In my words whoever wants to learn from a great college. The atmosphere is great; the teachers are really good and understanding. It's a great place to learn.


This person should be open to diverse cultures (even as far as having a foreign roommate) and be extremely mature; this is not your typical university! You should come with an idea of what major you want to be because in the end, you will be responsible for your education. If you're looking for a drinking/party school, this is not it!