Hawaii Pacific University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Hawaii Pacific University?


I don't think there is really a person who "shouldn't" attend Hawaii Pacific University. I can honestly say that I have seen students of all backgrounds at this school. Whether they were at the top of their class, or didn't do so well. There are people from all 50 states as well as countries all around the world, so you're bound to find someone you can relate to. The academic level is as hard as you make it for yourself.


Someone sensitive. This is a highly diverse area, and while there are many, many friendly people here some Hawaiians still harbor a vehement hatred for white people. There is prejudice and descrimination here. Someone without focus or drive also shouldn't attend this college. Living in Hawaii has many distractions, if you can't keep up with schoolwork and ignore the beach, surfing, and drinking, you will flunk out. Someone strongly family/home-oriented shouldn't come here either. You can't see family very often, and you're a long way from home.


Students who are not highly motivated and determined to pursue a college degree. Students who do not like small classrooms. Students who do prefer a commuter campus.


I strongly believe that anyone can attend this school. As long as your priorities are in order, HPU can provide you with a fine education.


Narrow minded people should not attend this school. HPU is a very ethnically diverse school, with students from all over the world. We have a very large student exchange program, therefore we have many students who attend HPU for a year or two, from another country. Because of this mixed student population, most of the students who attend are open minded and enjoy meeting new people from all over the place.


One drawback to HPU is the expenses. Since it is a private university, the tuition is higher than the state university. However, they do offer several different scholarship opportunities to help with the costs. But if you are unable to obtain these financial aids and finances are tight, then HPU may not be the right choice.


People with bad attitudes should not attend this college. The locals are very friendly but just don't be ignorant because they will get angry. Trouble makers should not attend as well. Don't waste people's time and money if you?re going to act like a fool.


As for attending Hawaii Pacific University I realize that the school that I attend which to my best knowledge, there is no particular individual that are unwelcome to attend campus. The school is open to anyone of all ages and races, it all depends on the knowledge you have to offer to the school in their required system. Therefore, you can attend school as long as you have the knowledge and the motivation.


Some one who is outgoing, but driven to success. The person must be outgoing inorder for them to meet friends at the school. They also must be driven inorder to suceed academically, due to the strict attendance and grading scale of some teachers.


Someone who is not open to other cultures.