Hawaii Pacific University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Getting around the island can be frustrating, and takes planning. Most students use the Bus system, which is very reliable, but can take twice the time, making stops along the way. If you have a class on the Loa side, it can take 40 minutes to get there on the shuttle due to bad traffic. Traveling from the Loa side to the downtown campus is the same long ride due to traffic. If you do own a car, parking is very expensive. I don't recommend a moped; they can be dangerous and are often stolen.


The most frustrating thing at Hawaii Pacific University is that the pluses and minuses are weighted for the grading process. So if you recieve all A's and an A- you will not receive a 4.0 GPA. Also in some courses where the pre-resiquite is an A, an A- does not count. Not all teachers grade using this though. Some do not use the weighted plus and minuses. I did not know this going into the college and I wish I would have been informed.


Tuition is high at Hawaii Pacific University. It would not be such a challenge, except there is a cap on how much scholarship Hawaii Pacific University can give to an individual. However, this cap does not apply to students on the Cheer Leading team or the school Newspaper, whom get a 80% scholarship. A student not in Cheer Leading or the school Newspaper needs to find scholarship opportunities outside of the University. These scholarships should not be taken away from students, but there should be more scholarship opportunities in other fields of academia.


The most frustrating thing about HPU is the fact that there are two campuses. Although, there is a free shuttle for students that runs between both every fifteen minutes. It's easy to get to both campuses it can just sometimes create a headache for students when it comes to scheduling and registering for classes. Having one unified campus creates a more community feel to universities.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost. HPU is a really good school and has encouraged my desire to learn through classes and my study abroad experience. However, seeing as how it is a private school, the cost is a bit more than other public institutions. I would like to continue my education with HPU if financial circumstances allow it. I know tuition is a frustration for most students and their schools, but my parents put so much money into my education I'd like to help them out. They always support me.


The most frustrating thing about Hawaii Pacific University, for me would be school spirit. Since the school is split into two campuses it sees that the student body is split in half. Also since we do not have a football team, school spirit is not present in the student body. Only to those who are active in the schools club and athletic team seems spirited.


As every student have their dissappointments in their school system, my frustration comes from the department I am in which is Nursing. Tuition fee is very expensive. Parking is expensive. Books are way expensive and gas everyday going to school is expensive. I have been awarded by the financial aid office in my school but it is not enough to help me and my family live smoothly. I still get a balance to pay each semester that burdens me and my family. Education should be positive experience in each student's life but tuition fee in my school says otherwise.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the dorms. Everything about Hawaii Pacific University is amazing. However, the dorms make people feel like they are in a jail cell. There is no air system except for open windows. And there is a bug problem. My room mates and I had a cockroach in our bathroom at least once a week, and others had giant cane spiders. The beds are also shorter than normal. The dorms are the worst part about my school, however, it could be worse.


The most frusrating thing about Hawaii Pacific University is with a Marine Biology major we have three counselors. As students we can go to anyone that is open. If you go to the different counselors with the same question or problem they will give you three different answers.


One of the most frustrating things about my school are the administration office and the dissorganization they have when dealing with students.


I Have not had anything that frustrated me during my 2 years at school.


Because there are alot of student workers, sometimes it takes a little longer to get things done. Other than that, just the cost.


when the teachers dont explain the subject well and we are not able to study for the material that we need to know.


I think it would be the cost of tuition. In my situation, I am a single parent with two children barely making ends meet and trying to afford an education that will benefit me, as well, as my children. I don't really have the access or means to reliable sources of financial assistance.


It is frustrating that the Windward campus does not have any other options to buy food and that there is only a certain time you can buy food from the cafeteria.