Hawaii Pacific University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


It's very easy to go unnoticed in college, no one really notices if you keep to yourself, I mean this in a positive way. College is not like high school in that you get to know everyone in your class and you all become really close over the course of four years, so it's kind of nice to just be able to do your own thing and live your life independently.


Before attending Hawaii Pacific University, I wish I knew more about finding and apply for scholarships. I am the first of my family to attend college, so we were unaware the ridiculous tuition prices and how we would be able to afford it. I live with my dad who is a single father caring for me, my two younger sisters, and his mother. Therefore, finances can quickly exhaust in my household. I’ve been trying my best to apply for scholarships.


How expensive it really is to live in hawaii and that they would raise the tuition every year.


One thing I wish I knew before coming to this school is my major. I started off with an undecided major, which limited my choices of class to choose from. If I knew I was going to pursue in Mathematics once I came to this school, I probably could have finished a semester earlier and get a jump start into the Master's program.


I don't really wish I had known anything, the school is pretty much how it comes across online.


I wish I had been more prepared for auditioning for the university band.


I wish I had known how to connect with tutors better so that I won't flounder


I wish I would have known that the campuses would have been separate and one is in office buildings. I also would have liked to know that the transportation is in a van and only is accessible from one dormitory. I have to take public transportation to reach the campus. I wish I would have known some pigeon. I also would have liked to know how to read bus schedules.


I currently work in the hospital and going to school for social work. I wished I would have known more about the variety of jobs in the medical field. I wish I had more guidence and know more of the different programs and opportunities within the school. I also would have taken more pre-req classes at a community college and then transfered over. There are a lot of things that I would have done differently from what I know now.


Don't trust the academic advisors that create your career path, they may not know or care about the real truth.


Before I came to this school, I wish I would have known about the meal plans and the bus card. Very easy way to save yourself some cash in the long run. I also wish I would have known that this school was as great as it really is. I wouldnt have stressed about going to college.


I wish I would have had a degree plan already.


I wish I would be better financially prepared with the tuition costs and how to plan the payments.


I wish that i would of known that you are not garenteed a spot in the on house dormatories after your first year there.


I wish I had known that it is very hard to balance the nursing major requirements with playing a sport. If I had known this I probably would have chosen another school that could better accomidate to me. I also wish that I had known that the school is located in the downtown business buildings of Honolulu. It barely even feels like a school campus most days.


I wish I knew how much reqirements fluctuate to get into the nursing school.


The Nursing program requires you to take your gen eds at HPU to build up HPU credits before you can start your clinicals


i wish i knew what the school was really like instead of all the false information presented to me


On the Windward campus, for residents living in the dorms, it can be a hassle to get to any business.


I wish I knew what my major would have been, so that i wouldn't have wasted a year