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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You have finally arrived at your senior year. I have some valuable advice and I hope you accept it. First of all, stop rushing your life. One day you will wake up and wish you could go back. I know you've heard this from others, but it's true. Life flies by and the older you get, the faster it goes by. Put your education first, love will come in its on time. Don't settle for less than the best, because you deserve it. Life is hard when you step out on your own, so you want to be completely prepared for whatever comes your way. Love is wonderful, but it also fails. Go on to college he can wait. If he's not there when you return, it wasn't meant to be. Take a long look at your parents, the message is clear. After eighteen years, their marriage failed. Mom returned to college for a nursing degree. You don't have to wait so long, get it done now. You already have a plan and this plan will lead you to success. Don't pass up the opportunity, it only becomes more complicated later in life.


Don't stress out. Allow yourself to breathe a little and just do your best. Don't let being undecided about your future career loom over you, take the classes that appeal to you, be creative, and live life. Take the time to really enjoy this part of your life. Oh and make sure you take the Creative Writing Workshop: English 207 because it was great.


My education always came easily to me, so when I took my first US history exam my freshman year of college and received a D+ I was shocked. I remember thinking to myself, how did I let that happen? After nearly 8 years since that transition, I can only think how silly I was to have believed that higher education would be as easy as my high school education. Thankfully, I was quick to recover and graduated with a 3.63 GPA. If I could give myself advice now it would be to focus more in the beginning about what you really want to do, because when it is something you are passionate about, the learning aspect will be less like work and more enjoyable. While friends are good, they are not always the best at keeping you motivated. Plus, I recommend to read more! Lastly, I would suggest looking into a smaller university. While I loved all that was available at the bigger university, I missed out on essential things like smaller class sizes and developing a deeper understanding with my instructors. I know now that mentorship, encouragment, and curiousity for my subject area is essential to my success.