Heald College-Rancho Cordova Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would give myself the advice of doing the same thing I have always been doing. That is, being ttentive in high school, outgoing, meet new people. Because in college, you will need to attentive and outspoken too. College will not judge you like how the movies and the meda does. College is a fun and shows responsibilty in life.


My advice if I could go back in time to senior year, would be to never give up and never stop trying. Do not let one tough class or one tough professor stop you from whatever it is that YOU want to do. It is your life and most importantly your future that you are here for. Sure some classes you will have to work harder and spend more time on. Just consider those classes and professors the beginning of life?s challenges for you. If college were easy, it would not being doing its job of preparing you for the future. But nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself and try. Also know that your friends are your support system since you are away from your home. Lean on them, they will be there and will be great making life a little easier for you. Don?t be afraid to vent to them. And remember don?t stop trying and never think you can?t do something, because truth is you can.


Do not mess up in high school. Work hard and apply to different colleges. Do not apply to city colleges just because your friends are going there. You are going to school for yourself, no one else. You want to go to school so you can better youself and get a career that pays well. Having fun all the time will not get you no where, especially if you go out all the time and stop caring about school. You can still attend school and have fun at the same time. Join clubs and volunteer because colleges and future employers look at your past experiences.


If I could go back to my senior year in high school, I would have taken college selection more seriously. I would have taken my SATs and my ACTs. I would look into college more and try for a university. But now being in college I have come to find out it is a growing experience. If I had to give myself advise I would say go to the college you prefer. Almost all colleges are the same but it is what you want to do in life that will guide you to the college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would have told myself to take more challenge courses and stay focused. I would take time aside from my personal life to study on tests and read through my books more to ready and prepare myself for the tests that I needed to take. Additional help could have been set aside with teachers if I took the time to ask the teacher for help. College life is frustrating and difficult because of the study time and managing family and work. An important trait I should have been able to handle was also time management in high school. With a job and a family at a young age, I procrastinated. If I managed my time well with studying and preparing myself for college, I would have done better in school. If I could turn back time, words of wisdom I would tell myself is, "Time is money," and "Procrastination is the key to failure." To become successful, you must learn how to balance your time and be willing to sacrifice certain things in life to become successful because life is full of sacrifices.