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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would sat in my chair observing and analyzing myself. I first begin to start the conversation about the importance of a good college education. The lifetime income difference between going to vs. not giong to collegeis is enormous. The disparity of a miissed opportunity that is obtainable for the cost of living expenses. Limited job potential and income. Cost of living expenses along with economic changes beyond our control. When you are at the end of your career social security is limited because of life choices made. When your kids ask you why you didn't finish school? What can you said to feel good about yourself? The difference maker is finishing college to inspire hope in your kids. The cost of a college eduction is increasing dramatically. The affordability to attend college will not last about of higher cost . Student loan debt is more prevalent than credit card debt. It is now time to attend now before it is unaffordable and too late