Heidelberg University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A great place to work hard both physically and mentally to get ahead in life.


Heidelberg University is a unique small town college with creative, smart, interesting people throughout the faculty, and student population in which all have come together to form a community focused around learning and experiencing life's gifs.


It's an environment that I stay focused because of lack of entertainment in the surrounding area.


My school is charming and friendly.


Heidelberg is a very nice school in the sense that the academics are good and friends are plentiful; however, there is absolutely nothing to do outside of class and just "hanging out".


There is something here for everyone, organizations, friendly people, and a very highly rated academic program.


heidelberg college is designed to get an all around graduate, they design programs and majors to accompany everyone and the professors help when ever they can to get the students lives on track.