Heidelberg University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Really, a mixed bag. My friends were athletes, artists, deadbeats, preps, every part of the spectrum. You can do anything you want and be friends with whomever you want.


Heidelberg's students live in an immersive environment that allows them to form close bonds with their peers in a way that can only be achieved at a small, liberal arts university that is filled with open minds such as their own.


Many of my classmates are intelligent, but seem to not want to exert any effort.


My Classmates are what keep me here. They are the coolest people ever.


Often outgoing and willing to discuss their opinions in class.


A majority of my classmates here don't take the initiative to be as successful as they possibly can be in the classroom because they are either unprepared or lazy and will not complete assignments or assigned reading and will try to bargain with professors to escape from work.