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Whats unique about Heidelberg is that because it is so small that everyone knows everyones names. People are on a first name basis and are genuinely caring. People you may have just met once will say or open doors for you. Heidelberg is truly a small family, everyone looks out for each other and has respect for each other as well. We may not be the cream of the crop but the professors treat you that way, like your worth their time and effort and I believe they truly care about each students succes.


We are a small school and everyone knows everyone but there isn't a single time I can remember that I haven't had a door opened for me or someone I may not know smile and say hi when they pass. Students and staff at Heidelberg are kind and considerated its one of the main reasons I chose Heidelberg. There is always someone looking out for you even if they don't know you. We are a family and we are all very proud to be a part of that family.


Tiffin Ohio is the county seat of Seneca County.The population was 18,135 at the 2000 census. It is the home of Heidelberg University and Tiffin University. At one time it was noted as a glass and porcelain manufacturing center.These two communities, split by the Sandusky River, were great rivals. But, in 1850, seeing that later their interests lay together, the two villages merged to form greater Tiffin, with Fort Ball becoming a part of Tiffin in March of that year.


My school is unique because it is so small. Unlike most colleges, I see the same people multiple times in one day. I like that about Heidelberg. I also love that I do not have to make an appointment to see my professors. I can just walk in and say hi whenever I want to. It is a friendly environment and I enjoy it more that I think that I would enjoy any other school.


I felt at home as soon as I walked onto campus. I felt welcomed. People held the doors for other people and helped those who looked like they were having trouble. It was a community, despite all the different kinds of people I saw. I like small classes, and I didn't see any classes over fourty or fifty people. The professors fraternized with the students and treated them like human beings, rather than pieces of meat to download knowledge into, if I may mix my metaphors. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that the campus itself is gorgeous.


were called the student princes i mean come on haha


we we all have all have a unique bond with eachother