Heidelberg University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Job placement and career counseling was almost nonexistant. When I asked my academic advisor for help, he didn't recommend any good starting locations for entry-level positions in my field or get me in touch with any known associates. Instead, he directed me to Google.


I would say the most frustrating thing about the school is the fact that some of the administration doesn't really listen to what their students have to say. They are purely focused on incoming students, and I feel as if they need to focus more on retention rates. The school tends to spend most of its money on buildings it doesn't need, instead of renovating the already existing ones that are in dire need of being remodelled.


The most frusturating thing about this school is the amount of anxiety problems with students.


In is in a rural area!! It isn't diverse enough. Its so small.


The school seems to take on too many large prjects at once, and hence, they do not happen as quickly as they could.


They have a very strict attendance policy and sometimes if you don't feel well, it's difficult to get excused from class.


Honestly, I really haven't been frustrated by any one event or thing. I have been frustrated at times about a class or an assignment. But then, hasn't anyone who attends any college or university anywhere? Overall, Heidelberg does a terrific job doing what they do, which is teach and prepare students for the world outside education.


The buisness office which controls the billing has made mistakes on every one of the bills I've had since my Freshman year.