Heidelberg University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew how not great the food is and how hard it is to be able to graduate early because of the amount of prerequisits that have to be taken and the times at which they are offered. Plus the amount of money that they want us and our families to donate, yet keep incresing tutition.


I had some surprises which I didn't like learning, but I'm glad I didn't know them ahead of time, or else that may have discourged me from beginning. On a positive note, I probably would have liked knowing most of the instructors are incredibly gifted and dedicated. Being such a small campus one really can benefit from personal attention. Everybody knows everybody -- you never feel like just a name or a face.


Labels don't apply unless you let them. Especially at Heidelberg, if you ignore them, they go away.


Before I started college, I never realized quite how shy I was. So, when I came into this new environment where I couldn't rely on my reputation to get me where I wanted, I was overwhelmed. I wish that I would have known that people always change. I wish that I would have had time to develop more confidence in myself and the skills I possessed. Instead of just getting respect, you have to work hard and earn it. Life will always present opportunities for you to learn, you just need to take things as they come.


I wish I would have known that everybody would know who I am, and that everybody is in my business. I wish that The administration wasnt as strict, and the cops werent either. I wish i would have known that the way this school handles their money is not good, and the alumni do not support graduating students as much as Id like


The housing accomendations are antiquated and it would have been beneficial to know what all the dorm rooms looked like.