Heidelberg University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Heidelberg is the small classs sizes which creates invidual attetion from teachers and peers who care about you.


The best thing about Heidelberg is the history within the campus. Every aspect of the school was formed with the history in mind. From the colors to the mascot. There is a very strong greek life featuring only local organizations. The campus is small and rular, but with a huge alumni association.


The best thing about Heidelberg is the small, personal size. I know almost everyone on campus, if not personally, then I at least know who they are. No matter where I go on campus, I am able to find someone I am well-acquainted with. With such a small campus, classes are personal, and I have been able to easily cultivate a good, strong relationship with many of my professors. The professors are quite supportive of the student, as well, coming to sporting and social events hosted by the students.


The friendliness and willingness to help by the faculty and students alike. The campus also seems very warm, the buildings are more like homes in appereance than just a block building. You will not feel like a number at Heidelberg, you are made to feel like you chose this colleg for a reason. I for one feel like this was the best decision in my life this far.


The campus and community are very friendly and supportive of each other. Everyone gets along and it's easy to make friends.


Heidelberg was the perfect match for me. It is a wonderful small college campus with a hometown feel. The professors, instructors and the administrative people I have come in contact with have been positive and helpful. People here look out for one another and there is something for everyone here.




The help and one on one time that professors make time to help.