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Don't knock a small school in a sparsly populated state, the people here love MT and want you to come and love it too. Also locals are super friendly, as for anyhting and they'll be more that willing to help or show you around.


yeah its montana... but hell, it beats North Dakota


UM is an amazing college. Definitely check out their website and plan a tour of the campus. You won't be sorry!


college is a fun as you want to make it. enjoy yourself but don't lose thought of why you are here? you will do well if you can imagine where you want to be in five years. enjoy your time, make friends and you will always be back no matter what.


why not go to school where the education is great, the people are friendly and fun, the available activities are almost endless, and the surrounding area (the whole state even) is absolutely breathtaking. :)


When your a freshman, get involved in at least 2 organizations. As a sophomore drop one if it doesn't fit, and add another. By this year you should be thinking about having a higher rank in that organization (fundraising, officer, t-shirt designer...)


I really feel the University is a great school to attend. Although expensive it gives the greates experience when it comes to academics. You must decide in the beginning how you will study, pay bils, live, and most important survive. There are many resources and I have no regrets coming to U of M Missoula.


Go Griz!




Missoula, Montana seems to be a generally loved town from both in-state and out-of-state students.


I recommend UM to the outdoorsy and progressive student. Montana is the most beautiful place in the world, so if you hate nature its not for you. Local Montanans have a keen eye on yuppy settlers that buy up all of our land. Stay out, yuppies! Go to Colorado!


UM, once again, has something for everyone. The best way to know it its right for you is probably to come check it out.


There is something for everyone here on campus!!!! you just have to get out there and try some stuff out. Like Anthropology to Sexuality classes. Don't just take the required classes for your major try some things that sound intreging or different. You never know maybe you will find something new that you like.


I like UM muchhhhhh more than I expected to. This is the third college I have been to in as many years (Oberlin, which I left after about three weeks because I HATED everything about it, and NYU which I loved but just handle for more than a year) and I plan on staying here. Bottom line: UM is a good school with great people in a beautiful place. You couldn't ask for more.


Come to this school, I love it and you will too!!!


Montana is a very liberal hippie town. All of the liberals from the state call Missoula their haven.


Students can be mean but just remember that your going to college to educate yourself. Never allow any other student or individual to shake your confidence. Remain focus and dtermined and you will succeed.


As I said, Montana is a beautiful state, with very little to do. If one loves the outdoors, this is the place for you. Academics can be challenging, but are definitely conquerable, the dating scene is average-except for gays and lesbians. They kinda have it tough, because there's slim pickins around these parts. :D Some of the students here are very accepting, and others aren't. All in all, it's not a bad place to be. One final note, the most common drug here is marijuana, and usually the kids on the harder stuff don't make it to college.


U of M needs more girls and a better music scene.


Instead of building a high rise for the football field, fix the F-ing parking problem for all the other students. It gets worse every year.


I love UM and I love Montana!!!