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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


No, though Montana as a whole is not very diverse, Missoula is most diverse city in the state. There is something for everyone here. It is a very liberal and prgressive town.


Not if you take the time to get to know them for who they really are.


Not if you take the time to get to know them for who they really are.


NO, none of that is true - except for Dennison, he sucks at life, and the cold winters (come-on! its montana, there will be cold and snow in the winter... but the late-spring, summer, fall are hot and sunny). At UM there are more hippies than hillbillies (no joke) and a huge mix of all kinds of people. the greek community is small, and we get a bad rap from the school sometimes but we do have more fun and have a higher graduation rate than the rest of the school. theres more here to do than go hiking and whatnot; missoula is a big place with just about everything to do indoors and out. sports here is a riot when we win and a party if we lose (even if our football coach recruits criminals... there not all bad, and the games are the event of the week). The education is is outstanding; we've got nationally renowned business and law programs and one of the best pharmacy schools in the west.


There are some hicks and some backwoods types, but the majority of the people are "regular" people plus/minus.


for some students yes and for some no


No...there's such a huge mix of students. UM is a big school too, with around 14,000 students. There's so many neat people!


these are not true. i have never rode a horse to school, i am not a hippie nor my extended group of friends and yes we may be behind of fashion but that is entirely up to you.


they apply to a smaller percentage, in the more rural areas of our HUGE and absolutely beautiful state.


Well the stereotypes about students tend to cancel eachother out. Some people think we're liberal freaks. Some people think we're conservative jerks. We tend to be somewhere in the middle. That's what I truly enjoy about UM... there are the traditional ranchers and farmers, and the kids who prefer a good jamband concert. But politically and socially we melt into one University. Many extreme views melt into one student body where nothing is expected but most things are exceptable. As far as partying goes... heck yes we party! But still manage to have some of the best journalism, pharmacy, business, and other schools around.


Absolutely not!!


I think there are a few cases of people being this way, but for the most part this stereotype is completely false.


Its definately not easy!


Hell no.




Just like any school there are sterotypes. I'm not a huge fan of catergorizing anyone, but there are a good amount of kids here that are enviormentally aware, outdoorsy, and probably a little bit more liberal that other schools in Montana. But on the defense you can find just about anyone at this school to fit any steryotypes, University of Montana is a well-rounded school with students from every end of the spectrum.


Most and almost all are inaccurate.


They couldn't be further from the truth. The University of Montana does have electricity, and we do indeed drive real cars. As a matter of fact, we have a parking problem on campus, which would suggest that too many people have succumbed to the modern modes of transportation.


There are a higher than average amount of hippies on the campus and our city really cares about the environment, but there is a variety of personalities and everyone can find their niche


No. Missoula is a very progressive city with a rich and youthful culture that is aware of global interests.


Yes, the students at UM and the people of Montana are very friendly and easy-going. Missoula is a fairly small city, so you see people you know all over town.


These stereotypes are a bit innacurate. Missoula is leftist, "hippy", and liberal - for Montana. Montana is a very conservative and dare I say "backward" state in many ways, so Western MT and particularly Missoula get a rap as being liberal. All in all, only University District of Missoula has a "liberal" feeling, and the city has something for everyone. This university has its share of all types of people - from the most artsy and bohemian students to frat boys to suit-and-tie business majors. It's all here.


No. The University of Montana is an incredibly diverse community that has a mix of every kind of lifestyle chosen by each individual student. One thing that people definitely rave about at UM is that the laid back environment allows you to be whoever you want, without any sort of judgement. It is a very accepting community. As for Fiske, he doesn't know what he is missing. The University of Montana attracts students from all over the world who are looking for a great education in an incredibly beautiful setting. The school offers incredible balance that is unmatched by any school.


the steryeotypes are not accurate at all!!


While Montana is still small and very much connected to the outdoors, this is entirely untrue. Montana is like any other American state, just much smaller population wise. While there are parties, most of these are thrown to help underclassmen meat upperclassmen. It's a great opportunity to meet people and expand your extracurriculars.


No this is not accurate. Yes there are a few red necks here, but that is just one people of diversity that you will find here on campus.


No. There are a lot of "crunchy," hippie type people, but they are certainly not in the majority. They just add a little color to campus. "Rednecks" certainly exist here, but they are in the minority I think-- overall the school comes off as a fairly liberal, open-minded one, although your "redneck," right-wing, gun-toting types are present in small doses.


Depending on the area of Missoula you spend your time in some can be accurate.


There are a lot of hippies but there is a good mixture of other types of people as well.


No. I myself grew up in a family in Montana that hunts, but I myself don't hunt. I have friends who have also grown up in Montana who don't hunt. As for outdoorsy, there are quite a few who aren't, but I myself actually like camping, but that's as far as I go for outdoorsy.


There are a lot of artsy students and it does seem very liberal but there are plenty of nonhipsters too... lots of variety which I like.


Of course not! We're just like everywhere else!


No Plenty of us do not drink at all


For the most part, NO.


Depends on the person, but sometimes they are scary accurate.


Well football is definitely big here. Our football team rocks and everyone loves to support the Griz! It is definitely a party school, but it wouldn't be any fun otherwise. And as for riding my horse to school, i can't say that i ever have!


Without a doubt.


Not entirely; there are many of the forementioned students here, but there is a diverse community of students with all sorts of hobbies.


There are a lot of "hippies," and it is definitely a town proud of it's football team, but its much larger than my hometown with much more to do so I wouldn't consider it a hick town by any means.


Not in the least!


Not at all


Not everyone is a hippie, and its true that the hippies do only come out when the weather is nice.


I think there is a larger than normal population of hippies and the fact that the majority of Missoula seems to have liberal tendencies makes the stereotype sort of true.


Well, I was right about hunting being popular, but Missoula is much different than I expected. The city is gorgeous and the best view is from the hike up the inlaid "M" on Mt. Sentinel. I love the hiking trails around town and the sense of urban wilderness. It's a really trendy, yet laid back city. People are also really outgoing and liberal and they stay active in the community--it's like a little blue city in the middle of a big red state! Plus, they don't wear plaid every day: only for the annual Forester's Ball.


Very much so.


The stereotypes are somewhat accurate. Parts of Montana are still very rural, where is it rare to have more than 100 students in a graduating class. Cities, like Missoula and Helena are great college towns with lots going on.