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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Probably sports; both varsity and intramural. Greek life is not popular here at UM but student groups are. There is literally a student group for everything here.


Montana football is huge. Everyone in town is at griz football games every Saturday. Average attendence is at about 22,000 per game. Ands with 2 national championships in 1995 and 2001, you have to be there. Hell, we beat Randy Moss!


I met my friends at the UC. I spend so much time there between classes since I live off campus, it wasn't long before I found a group of people in the same situation.


I met my friends at the UC. I spend so much time there between classes since I live off campus, it wasn't long before I found a group of people in the same situation.


theater, clubs for everything from bowling to boarding to reading to racing, athletics, big names in all areas coming to speak to the students, social life, house parties, dorm scandals, secret societies?..., fraternities/sororities, mayhem, mischief, prank-wars, sun, fun: the list could go on and on and - yeah we got 'em all. athletic events are insane and if collegiate sports arent your thing, we got some of the greatest outdoors in the country. skate at the local park that drew names like tony hawk and bam margera to it's opening. want skiing - we're SO close to the hills! join up with the ski or snowboarding clubs and head to any one of the dozens of ski hills in the northwest. when it gets hot (usually july through september) go float the river. want music? 'cause we've got concerts in missoula every week. you can meet people everywhere you go! i met one buddy of mine during orientation just sittn around wait for the thing to start and another when i was just shootin some pool with nothing much else to do. Dennison (the president) might be tryn his best to get rid of us but if you wanna meet people in a hurry - go greek! we've got a small community but we're solid. as for other montana traditions of course there is homecoming but we've got a dance called forester's ball - dress country, hillbilly, hick, redneck, or whatever...it gets roudy! no booze at the dance but no penalty for pregaming either.


I am involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. Most incoming freshman are looking for a group to belong to and I want to make them feel comfortable and welcomed! In all the dorms, except for the upperclassmen dorm, people leave their dorms open. It's the best and easiest way to meet new people throughout the year, especially the first month! The athletic events are EXTREMELY popular, especially the football games. They are a blast! I met my closest friends in my dorm, but I met my best friends in class. If you're awake at 2am on a Tuesday, you're possibly studying, or outside running around with friends, or up having a movie marathong! There's always somebody around doing something, it's a great feeling! Some people party all the time, some don't. Most people stereotype college students as "partiers" which I believe is extremely unfortunate. Yes, there is usually a party to go to every night of the weekend, but a lot of people don't party! Saturday night people go out to dinner, go see movies, stay in and watch movies, run around campus and play and many other things. I think the social aspect of Montana is AMAZING and soo much fun! That's probably one of my favorite parts about college, and I don't party!


i did not live in a dorm so i could not speak of that aspect however social life is not difficult to find. if you are willing to find a friend their not that far away. everyone is in the same boat as you are, they may pretend to not be but they are just as scared as you are. be willing to make friends in class otherwise expect to seem distant. montana is a great state. we have been known for drinking but it is always interesting to find your own thing to do that doesn't involve makinng a complete ass of yourself. go hiking, bowling, play ultimate frisbee, floating, camping, skiing, and snowboarding. we have opportunities in this state just take advantage of them.


oh, football season. it means kegs and eggs. and some griz football. but you can never count on the weather. either sunny, or cold...or both. the parkinglots are usually always loud, so if your dorm window is around, get used to the noise. because every night means party when the weather starts to get nice. music at caras park, that's another must. catch it whenever possible. it's a good time, for sure.


Don't miss football games and tail-gates; the Foresters Ball; Maggot Fest; Relay for Life; a LAMBDA dance; sorority or fraternity events (dinners, dances, fundraisers); Wilma movies.


There are HUNDREDS of student groups on campus from political to sports to religion to completely random. There is sure to be something for any student, and if not, starting your own group is easy and fun. Lots of drinking and partying but Montana students know how to keep it under control most of the time. Football is huge so expect to get involved. I've met good friends in the dorms, dining hall, random parties, football games, classes, pretty much anywhere. Outside campus and the university area there is plenty to do. Lots of hiking, camping, fishing and hunting opportunities abound. Floating the river on inner tubes during the summer months is a MUST. Hiking to the "M" is also a must. In the winter there are ski resorts less than an hour away in all directions. Snowmobiles are always a fun winter activity and there's plenty of space to romp around.


Griz games unite the entire city, and it's hard to go all 4 years without seeing at least one! The amount of Griz pride across campus is fantastic and it is so great to be a part of! Besides that, there are so many different kinds of personalities from student to student. Finding friends you can relate to is not hard! And you will not look at friends from high school the same way after spending a month in Missoula!


Parties are great, and its nice walking around campus and recognizing almost everyone.


I live in University Villages. Me and my husband are sober and have been for over 15 months. We afre raising a 13 year old and we went to the carnival last week. I have made friends with people who care to share experiences and want to succeed in life not just college. I havn't made too many friends because I am careful who I bring around my family, otherwise I promote success both in school and personal life.


Football games and basketball games are a great time here, even if you aren't a huge sports fan the atmosphere alone makes the experience amazing. This is a party town for sure, the downtown scene is full of all sorts of fun and different bars. There are plenty of kids that don't party either that find plenty of things to do. The near by hot springs are a great time, a bunch of us really enjoy hiking and camping. The foresters ball is something that the foresters department puts on annually, one of the gyms gets turn into a old western scene, people get all hicked out and country dance all night. The school really goes out of its way to help freshman meet people and get settled. Dorms are awesome and really accomodating.


Montana's Greek system is among the minority on campus. I hear a lot of people say that they are surprised at how menial the Greek life system is here, because at most schools the Greeks rule the roost. Not at Montana. If a Montana student is awake at 2AM on a Tuesday, they are probably studying for that big chem or econ midterm, not partying. However, don't think that partying has no place at UM, after all it's not a Mormon school... Montana's partying scene is big, but it stays off campus. The neighborhoods around campus are lively and loud on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, but that's where UM students leave the partying.... On the weekends.


For a Montana town, there is a lot to do in Missoula- especially when it comes to the outdoors- skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer, etc. But if you're used to living the big city life, Missoula could seem more boring. We do get a lot of local bands coming through so you can always find a show to go to every week, and at least 4 big names a year come to Missoula. We are also very school spirited here, so game days- especially football- are a huge deal. I'm not a football person, or sporty at all, but even I love going to them.


There are clubs for just about everything and the student government has a lot of power. Great downtown/bar scene and a really good music scene. The greek life is weak and they aren't well liked. Plenty of parties, lots of stoners. The f single attractive women at the school outnumber the men by a lot. So guys looking for a girl shouldn't have trouble. Love is abound. Many young and happy couples. Basketball and football are the most popular sports. There are many festivals and events in the river parks during the summer. Great skiing in the winter.


I chose to live on campus in an all-girls dorm for both my freshman and sophomore years. The dorm is quiet, clean, and safe. Also, there is a sink in your room!! (I really liked that). I have had 3 roommates, two of which were from Japan. I enjoyed the experience of having a roommate, I recommend it! The other girls there are friendly too, and every week or so there was a 'floor snack' in which we could all hang out and eat cookies! After 8pm on the weekdays it is quiet hours so you can study either in your dorm, the study room, or the nice lobby on the first floor. Guys are allowed into the dorm hall but must be escorted by a female if its after 8pm. For social activities on campus, there are events at the University Center (UC) including movies! Off campus there are restaurants, coffee shops, dance clubs, etc. On some weekends, I went off campus to friends' apartments and had parties making Japanese food! During the week, I somtimes went with a couple of friends to the UC for a smoothie to take a break from studying!


UM has a national champion football team, so frat boys and athletes certainly have their groups here on campus. The theatre program is great and there is always something to do. If you don't drink, you will be in the minority here, though I wouldn't go so far as to describe UM as a party school. In general, people drink in moderation and only socially. The frats and sororities live in massive, amazing houses off campus but withing walking distance and are large but not particularly vocal. Not far from campus are literally dozens of bars, coffee shops, boutiques, and other shops. There are a good number or pot-smoking students, but if you do not engage in any sort of illegal drug activity you wouldn't be in the minority. MT students tend to be pretty "live and let live" when it comes to that sort of thing.


There are incredibly vast activities offered at UM. I am a member of the UM Advocates, which is a student group on campus organized through the Admissions Office. After taking a class learning about the school, we then begin giving tours to perspective students in addition to attending college conferences, student panels, and running Orientation. I also play Women's club lacrosse as well as IM ultimate. A ton of students participate in some sort of club or IM sport. There are lots of choices and they are so much fun as well as a great way to meet people with similar interests. Athletic events are big on campus although not a must-go-to kind of thing. Football games are an experience you should have and most people love them. Both men's and women's basketball games are also fun and you can always win prizes at the games. And in the spring, you can always catch some tennis going on at our courts. Greek life at UM is not as popular as it is at other campuses. Approximately 3{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body participates in Green Life. But that in no way makes it "uncool" or anything. It is just another way to meet people and become a part of the UM community. If you are unsure as to whether or not you want to join one, atleast rush in the fall. Rush is not a big deal and if anything, you end up making lots of new friends, whether or not you end up joining at Greek house.


there are a lot of different activites and social thing to do on and off of campus. i am not im any but i know there is lots to participate in.


There are many groups on the Montana campus. If you are interested in anything there is a group for you. From rock climbing to quilt making, you can do anything. I am involved very much with the Missoula Children's/Community Theatre. MCT as it is called does five shows a year, usually 3 or 4 musicals, and 1 or 2 straight shows. You work with so many different people in these settings that you learn so much and are given great opportunities. I got to work at a professional theatre one summer because of my work at MCT> Athletic events are extremely popular, football being the biggest, followed by rugby, and basketball. Theatre is also big. There is the college theatre, MCT and many other theatre groups in the area. My closest friends I met through different classes. Because of group projects you just come together with people. The dating scene can be interesting. You would usually meet someone off campus and then run into them on campus later. 2 am on a Tuesday. Either I'm at the theatre or studying. Events each year include homecoming, first friday, the riverbank run, parade of the dead, the wildlife parade, st. patrick's day parade, the beer fest, maggot fest(rugby festival). All kinds of things really. Frats and Sororities are a big thing. But they are not stereotypical. Not all the girls that the Sororities look like barbie. These people are wonderful and do a lot of things in the community. There's a ton to do on a saturday night. Theatre, camping, movies, film festivals.


Sports games (especially football) are a pretty big deal here. People love their Griz. I'm involved in the Alpine Ski Team, which is a pretty small team competing in the USCSA division. I absolutely love it. The downtown scene is pretty fun, but I have no idea what the dorm life is like having transferred here when I was past that. Greek life exists but it does not play a big role on campus. I think I have one friend in a sorority and she's awesome, but it's just not a big thing here. Most weekends do involve drinking, etc. for me at least, but I'm sure there are other things to do-- there are lots of concerts, three movie theaters and school activities going on.


awesome party scene! tons of weed if you are into that


A lot of people leave their dorm doors open so people can pop in and say hi. Football games are huge here. During Football season everyone goes nuts!!! Missoula also has a get nightlife!!!


Sports are very popular on campus. There are a variety of teams from football to golf. A group that I'm involved with is the U of M Fencing Club. I started it rather recently (I've been fencing only for about two weeks) and I've found that the club is just very friendly. It's an incredibly small community, but friendly and supportive. As for dorm life, it depends on the people who leave doors open. Sometimes I would leave mine open, but that's when I didn't care if someone stopped by. I leave it unlocked if I'm there, but I most of the time left it closed...mainly because my roommate would be studying. Football events are very popular, but I'm not sure about the rest. There are parties, some dorms are more famous for them than others, but I don't really like to college party. I'm more of a hanging-out-with-a-small-group-of-friends. On the weekends, we get together at someone's house and play games or see movies.


Again Griz football is a big deal whether you like football or not you will have school pride after attending this school. The girls on my floor became very close and we always left our doors open, unless we were napping. My closest friends lived on my hall. The dating scene is pretty interesting, usually people date within a group of friends.... but I don't recommend dating your freshman year, you should get to know a lot of people and decide who you want to be serious with later in your college career. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday I would be doing laundry because all the machines would be open! People party a lot, it is a College town, just be careful. Last weekend I drank in the dorms friday night and then Saturday night I went home to see my family. On a saturday night if you don't want to drink you can do laundry get caught up with homework, go to a movie, go bowling, play board games, chill by the river.


One of the most active groups on campus is Greek Life. Greeks are small in number at Montana, but they are very active on campus doing philanthropy projects and participating in student activities. Football is life on a Griz football weekend. Get ready to put on some Griz gear and cheer for the Griz along with the other 20,000 screaming fans. It's an awesome experience!


Hiking the "M" is part of living in Missoula Montana. Walking and biking to stay fit and active. Many concerts, games, and events. Cultural powwows to rock concerts often come through the Adams center.


As a part of Greek Life, I have met and socialized with a bunch of different people from different backgrounds. But living in the dorms is where I have met a majority of my closest friends. Greek Life is looked down upon because most students who are not greek themselves look at us as party animals with no intentions to study. This is NOT true because my sorority currently has the highest GPA of all undergraduate women on campus, and the highest GPA of all the greek houses.


Football games are ginormous. The football games are always sold out, and the stadium (before this year's expansion) held at least 10,000 people. Football is a huge event. My closest friends came with me from high school, for they chose to go to school here as well. If I'm awake at 2 on a Tuesday, I'm doing homework for one of my math classes. People party on the weekends. During the week, it's school. On a Saturday night, one can go to the movies, go bowling, go to coffee, hang with friends or sleep. Every year, as far as traditions, there is the Kiy yi Yo (spelling?) ceremony where American Indians show their pride and their traditional dances to the public at the Adams Center. It's more of a cultural event.


UM Football is the most popular attraction at the school, with women's soccer second. The UM Hockey team and Lacrosse teama re also very popular. Students who leave their doors open in the dorms will most likely get robbed by some asshole on their floor, lock your doors. Dating scene is easiest freshman year, but the best time is junior year. I met my closest friends skateboarding, fishing, snowboarding, hiking, and smoking weed. Tuesday night, 2 A.M.? Playing NHL 08 and smoking a bowl with my roomate. Every year: Maggotfest, brewfest (twice a year), UM Hockey games, UM football games, Forester's Ball. Some people party 4 nights a week (mainly sophomores),but others party rarely; i would say there is a mix of pary-goers and home-bodies. I went to the gym during the day and the bar at night. Saturday Night: see a movie, smoke weed, eat some drugs, play video games, go bowling, play board games, read, do homework, play music, go camping. I do everything off of campus.


I'm sorry, but the only thing to do in Missoula is go downtown. It's not bad, even if you don't drink. There's usually a band playing somewhere.


GRIZ Football is the most popular organization on campus by far. I'm involved in Track and Field and even though T&F is an individual sport it has a very big sense of community and belonging. It feels like you are part of a big supportive family that helps you through anything. It is also about the most fun someone can have if they like T&F. I'm also involved with Army ROTC. I am an MSII (Military student two; sophomore) and I attended Air Assault School (advanced helicopter infantry tactics) this winter and I will head off to Airborne school (paratrooper school) this summer. ROTC trains students to become officers in the United States Army and is dang good at it. UM is currently the 5th best program in the country and trains future officers to be the best leaders in the world. Athletics are huge here at Montana. Everybody loves GRIZ athletics. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday it's either finals week or I'm playing Mario Cart. Frats and sororities are not that popular here which in my eyes is good because I believe that they hurt more than help a University. Last weekend I went skydiving in the middle of the rocky mountains. There are many things to do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking. You could go camping, go to the hot springs, play mario cart, go to or rent a movie, etc. When I'm not doing ROTC stuff, Track and Field stuff, or studying, I'm in the mountains biking, camping, hunting, skiing, shooting, etc.


Intramurals is always popular, whether it is volleyball or ultimate. I am the leader of the Environmental Action Community, which is an education network for students about local issues in Montana. We have monthly meetings with a speaker and some service that includes volunteering at the local farm. I enjoy working with students and community members. Students don't typically leave their door open unless you are in a suite or pod. Griz Football is huge, we have the largest stadium in our division and it is growing. Guest speakers and theater draw a fair amount of people depending on the topic or popularity. The dating scene is normal, I am not really sure. I don't think it is hard to meet people you are interested in, everyone is downtown on the weekends. My closest friends I met through EVST classes and through dorm living. I am never awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, so I can't answer that. Other people might be doing something illegal though. The Foresters Ball happens every year, it is a huge dance put on by the Forestry program where they build a country town inside the gym. Another tradition is attending Griz football games, you just have to. People probably party every weekend, usually low key. Fraternities/sororities have their place and they do active community service, but they are not a huge part of campus life. Last weekend I went to an REI Scratch and Dent Sale and to a Methodist church servce, exciting I know. Saturday nights you can watch a movie at the University Center theater or the Elk's Club usually has a dance or band you can go to. Off campus I am mainly hanging downtown or off in the mountains :-).